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Dolabany Eyewear 2019 Fall New Releases

The weather is cooling, the leaves are changing, and we are adding more frames and colors to our Dolabany Eyewear line-up! Trending this Fall Trending now is the thin, shiny, metal frames, similar [...]

2019 Dolabany Back to School Frames

It’s back to school time!  How was your summer! Our summer, here at Dolabany, has been very busy. Man, the summertime sure does fly by!   With the kids heading back to school, we [...]

End of Summer 2019 Eyewear Trending Round Frames

Another summer has come and gone.  Summer’s come and go so fast, but we are now approaching the beautiful and colorful fall season, are you ready for it? The trending frames for Fall [...]

The Vision Council’s New Research on Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain, also known as, Computer Vision Syndrome, is eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader, and cell phone use. With an increase in digital technology today, more [...]

Summer 2019 Dolabany New Releases

Can you believe it is the middle of July already!  Where is the summer going? How is the eyewear business? Many people are not thinking about upgrading their glasses right now because they [...]

10 Most Popular Frames in Multi Demi Pattern

With so many colors and frames to choose from, how do you decide what you want?  We are here to share with you the many frame choices made in the “Demi Pattern”. The [...]

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