Because we care about the growth and success of your eye care business, the Dolabany Eyewear team and we wanted to address a key demographic in the optical industry.

Dolabany Eyewear Manager Black
New! Model Manager; Colors M. Black, M. Blue, M. Brown, M. Demi/Mint; Size 48-18-130 Order

On my visits with customers on the road, I have found that some eye care businesses overlook the Children’s Category.

Although this segment may seem daunting, even difficult to nourish and expand, I find that it should not be ignored. At the risk of sounding cliché, Children are our future. They are your future

clientele as adults and it is important to capture their attention at this early stage.

Imagine your customers coming into your optical store as kids, and then, later on in life, coming in to your practice as adults and bringing in their own children because they enjoyed their experience at your office that much.

At Dolabany Eyewear, we have created an extension for children called Dolabany TR-90 Kids. The features of our TR-90 material are ideal for the active lives of our children.

TR-90 is flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), and lightweight (ideal for pressure points at the temples and nose).

Dolabany Eyewear Captain Blue
New! Model Captain; Colors M. Black, M. Blue, M. Brown, M. Demi/Mint; Size 48-18-130 Order

Two of our best-sellers in this category are Detective and Chef, which has also been popular for adult petite sizes. Chef is now available in bright, colorful stripes that are sure to catch their attention.

Dolabany TR-90 Kids models come in vibrant colors and have fun names like Astronaut, Doctor, Inventor, President that are surely going to catch the attention of your young clientele.

To order Dolabany TR-90 Kids just in time for Back-to-School, call us toll free at (800) 688-7661 or place your order on the site today!

Thank you for your time and continued support.

Mark Dolabany, Founder and CEO

Dolabany TR-90 Kids Styles

Dolabany Eyewear Detective Demi Mint
Model Detective; Colors M. Demi/Mint, M. Black, M. Navy/Sky, M. Brown, M. Pink, M. Purple; Size 48-18-130 Order
Dolabany Chef Ebony Stripe
Model Chef; Colors Ebony Stripe, Violet Stripe, Blue Stripe, Sienna Stripe, Black, Navy, Brown, Red, Pink, Purple; Size 45-17-135 Order
Dolabany Astronaut M. Blue by
Model Astronaut; Colors M. Blue, M. Wine, M. Black, M. Brown; Size47-17-130 Order
Dolabany Eyewear Kamon Blue
Model Kamon; Colors Blue, Red, Violet, Green, Brown; Size 48-17-130 Order
Dolabany Eyewear Inventor Pink
Model Inventor; Colors Pink, Red, Purple, Navy, Brown, Black; Size 42-18-135 Order