Don’t pay for the name! When buying eyewear from a “box” store, you are purchasing mass-produced eyewear, and you are paying for the logo and licensing, not the quality of the frames. When you buy frames from an independent eyewear company, rest assured, you are getting quality frames! Along with supporting smaller, sometimes family-owned businesses.

Independent eyewear developed by independent companies is not mass-produced, so you know that you are getting quality eyewear.

Here are the top five reasons you should buy from an independent eyewear company.

Help Independent Eyewear Companies Grow Their Business

Purchasing your frames from an independent eyewear company helps them grow their business. Many of them don’t sell their eyewear online because they believe that customer service is vital when someone is looking to purchase eyewear.

Just because independent eyewear companies don’t sell “name brand” frames doesn’t mean they are not quality frames. Dolanbany takes great pride in providing quality frames with real rivets and high-quality materials.

Independent eyewear companies need to educate their staff and make sure that your patients appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to quality. As a doctor or optician, you’ll also need to educate your patients on why you sell or don’t sell the frames you do.

Customer Service is King!

It’s so difficult to find excellent customer service when patients go to a box store. As independent practices, we usually can’t compete on cost, so we must excel in service. We need things resolved quickly and efficiently, and independent frame companies make this happen. Independent frame companies are like independent doctors, their reputation is essential, and service always reigns supreme.

Like private practice, most independent eyewear companies are small. Their reputation and acceptance by independent practices are vital to their success. You need to be sure that your customer service stands out against the crowd!

Sell Your Brand!

It’s much easier to sell your brand when the products you sell share the same mission statement as your practice. Branding includes your target audience, their desires, and how your service is different than your competitors. Independent frame lines can help you to build this individuality.

As a small business owner, your practice should have a brand. You’ve developed a logo, mission statement, and a goal for each patient you encounter. You want the products in your optical to align with all of that. Are you big on customer service? Your vendors should be prominent in customer service. Do you want the best vision possible for your patients? Your frames should be the best in the market. Most importantly, you are the owner of an independent practice, and you have earned that with hard work and dedication.

High-Quality Eyewear Materials

Frame materials used by independents are superior to those that have been mass-produced, the frames that you would find in a box store or online. Our retro models are made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges.

Certain materials affect how a frame fits, and it’s durability. Finding eyewear with the qualities that are important to your customer is as simple as choosing the right frame material. Each type of frame has its unique strengths.

The quality of independent frame lines is superior to big manufacturers. As with any other item, mass production usually decreases quality.

Independent Frames are Unique

Mass-produced frames are similar, and have the same shape and same color, that if they didn’t have the different logo’s on the frames, you wouldn’t be able to tell who the manufacturer is. Customers that go into box stores find similar or copy shaped frames. The only difference would be the brand name varying due to licensing agreements.

The best thing about Independent lines is they have character, charm, and stories. They are not familiar to all people, but decide who they are, and carry that distinction well. The best quality eyewear is so distinctive; one can look at a piece and know instantly which line they are from.

Independent eyewear companies continually innovate and reinvent themselves. They push the envelope and deliver unique eyewear shapes and combine different mediums.

Buy Independent Frames

If you’re a doctor looking for a supportive, quality line to partner your independent eyewear business with, please reach out to us via email. For more information on an eyewear company that is genuinely independent, visit If you are a consumer looking for quality eyewear, check out our website for a store near you.

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