Because we care about the growth and success of your eye care business, our team has compiled specific E-marketing strategies that have been proven to produce real results for the local brick-and-mortar business.

A marketing tool that is often overlooked is that of Creating a Blog for your Local Business.

Blogging is actually one of the most valuable online marketing strategies that businesses have to engage with customers.  Blog posts have the potential to:

Moreover, you do not have to be a professional web designer. Many blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Hubspot are user-friendly and do not require any real graphic skills.

Need an Idea to start your blog? Write a short post about Small Business Saturday, November 26th. Then, share this post in an Email to your customers and all of your Social Media Platforms.

For more details on how to start a blog for your eye care business and other cost-effective E-marketing strategies visit the “Marketing Resources” tab.

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