Known for his popular series of mystery thrillers, which include The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol and Angels and Demons, author Dan Brown has mentioned the Plume Paris collection in his latest installment called Inferno.

The author uses “Plume Paris eyeglasses” several times in the book to describe a mysterious character in the storyline. Albeit the character in Inferno is a an eerie addition to the plot, his “Plume Paris spectacles” are essential to his character description and reader’s recognition of this antagonist.
The European-influenced brand makes its literary debut in a flattering and, certainly, unexpected way. This character is lurking in shadows as he pursues the protagonist of the story, Professor Robert Langdon. Not only is our Plume Paris eyeglass wearer stalking Langdon, he seems to be afflicted with some kind of skin outbreak…
Our character may not be the hero of this particular storyline, but that doesn’t make him any less captivating.  Plume Paris has clearly played an important role in the plot of this mystery-thriller and we can’t help but feel a little proud.
The author, Dan Brown, is notorious for name-dropping masterpieces of architecture, paintings, sculptures, and now… eyeglasses by Plume Paris. This mention is truly an honor.
*Photo by: Gary Santana /
**Excerpts taken from novel, Inferno, by author Dan Brown_builder_container]