As they advocate for the success of their clientele, esteemed eye care professionals nationwide, and the growth of the optical industry as a whole, Best Image Optical encourages the use of Google as a marketing medium for optical business owners to promote their establishments.

The internet is a place where a business, regardless of product, size, or ambition, has opportunity. The opportunity – at a fraction of “traditional” cost to build a brand, presence, or business. However, with opportunity comes obstacles. Business owners, specifically eye care professionals (ECP’s), are often faced with the daunting task of being found by potential clients.

How does an optical business that relies on foot traffic gain the exposure they need online to drive patients to their location? Simple, start with Google.

Eye care businesses are presented with many tools and options to build their business. It can become overwhelming. In fact, what seemed like the most cost effective way to build and brand their business can turn out to be a very costly task. However, the internet is filled with places that are crucial for site traffic without spending a massive budget for visibility. The answer? Google Plus Bussiness (Google+) and Google Places.

Google is truly the dominate leader in all things internet. The company and their brand have become part of the vernacular. Virtually every person says “Google it.” So, if they are “Googling” that, they are most certainly Googling for their local eye doctor. Here is a simple solution as to how potential customers can find the best ECP in their area:

  • Google+ is a powerful social media tool and networking opportunity. Like Facebook it enables business owners to begin the branding and influencing process free of charge. Beyond that, engaging and utilizing Google+ will up your rankings and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Google searches.
  • Content and distribution of content is key. Eye Care Professionals, specifically, can utilize their knowledge and skills to increase their visibility online. When speaking about eye care, eye exams, eye health, eyewear fashion, a searcher will go beyond the traditional retail site, and their eye care provider can be that expert. When people begin to Google for eye care professionals in their area, more than just one store location will appear. One must also create credible content on Google+, taking SEO to a whole new level.
  • Networking is still the most important way to drive customers. As an eye care professional, there is a highly-competitive environment, where customer loyalty may be about price, location, and “specials.” The fact is that through the power of networking and content an eye care professional can separate themselves from the “big chains” and competitors on a local, regional, and national level.

Alongside Google+ is Google Places, which is essential in the SEO and matrix that drives Google. Their matrix in how, where, and why people are seen is long and complicated. But all Eye Care Professionals should know to join Google+ and register their physical business with Google Places, and engage, engage, engage. They can win the search battle. Google is about real, original, relevant information.

So they blend location information, articles, press releases, with the power of their network, Google Places, which by the way is also free.

“Don’t fear Google, or let others complicate it,” says Best Image Optical, “Google gives powerful tools for all aspects of business that are free and easy to use.” However, the key word is “use.” As eye care professionals, the day-to-day jobs may be simple, but building a loyal client base can be hard. Google Places and Google Plus Business make it easier regardless of background or expertise of the internet. Get the business, brand, and clients needed today with Google Plus and Google Places.

About the company:

Best Image Optical is a wholesale optical company that provides the eyewear collections Dolabany Eyewear, Plume Paris, and Mario Galbatti to eye care professionals and eye care retailers. To see what Best Image Optical can offer to the eye care professional, visit