As an avid supporter of the independent eye care provider, Dolabany Eyewear and myself wish you a prosperous 2017…

And because we sincerely care about the growth and success of your business

I wanted to make certain that you had included the following New Year’s Resolution to your list:

Image result for check mark  Increase Online Marketing for my Eye Care Business

In truth, Online Marketing may seem daunting, but in today’s ever-changing market an internet presence is a must…

Start by adding one simple online marketing strategy this month:

Video Marketing with YouTube

Owned by Google, YouTube is the web’s most popular video sharing website and the fourth most popular site overall.

Posting weekly or biweekly videos this year will not only increase engagement with customers, but they will enrich your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Video Marketing with YouTube is as simple as:

  1. Setting up a free YouTube account for your business,
  2. Uploading a short clip or photos from your smartphone, and
  3. Sharing the video on other social media networks in just one click.

For more information on how to start Video Marketing with YouTube, download these instructions.

I have said this before, “Adding videos to your list of marketing tools can lead to an increase of visits to your website, and ultimately an increase of attention by potential customers.”

To achieve the best results this year, begin posting videos on YouTube today and remain consistent throughout 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns on how to start Video Marketing this year, email us at


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