End of Summer, Beginning of Fall Dolabany Beige Crystal Highlighted

Why highlight the Beige Crystal Translucent Acetate Frames?


Why highlight the Beige Crystal color right now?

Natural and nude colors are prevalent in the fashion industry during the Fall/Autumn season, and eyewear is certainly an important extension to fashion. Eyeglasses with neutral tones have a certain air of elegance and unassuming beauty. And since beige is neutral and goes with just about anything you decide to wear this fall season.

Below we are going to share with your our top models in the Beige Crystal.




Clear, translucent frames continue to trend this fall season.  Dolabany Bailey is a unisex frame that offers a bold, oversized look with a thick-rimmed frame that pays homage to the retro trend.

51-18-145, B38 mm, ED52 mm



Made for the petite faces, the Dolabany Caspian has a thinner round frame with a slight cat-eye look made of acetate. These classically styled frames are elevated with these beige translucent details.
46-18-145, B39 mm, ED45 mm


Dolabany Karubi Beige



The Dolabany Karubi is a modified square shape produced to also fit the petite category at eye size 46. This woman’s model captures the retro-trend with real-rivets and keyhole bridge, just like all our other acetate frames. You can also order the polarized sun-clip with these frames.

46-17-145, B37 mm, ED46 mm


Dolabany Louiza Beige



As translucent, or clear, eyeglasses frames continue to trend; we share with you the Dolabany Louiza. With its petite, modified round shape, Louiza celebrates the style with a light, thin, translucent acetate.

50-17-137, B39 mm, ED49 mm




The traditional P3 shape continues to return each season due to its popularity.  The Pueblo is a unisex, vintage-inspired look and has been recreated by Dolabany. As always, these petite round frames are produced with premium Zyl, real rivets, multi-barrel hinges, and a keyhole bridge.

43, 45, 47


Dolabany Saxon Tan



Dolababy Saxon, also a unisex frame, is a light, thin, rectangular frame. This traditional shape has been elevated with our translucent tan acetate.

54-16-145, B46 mm, ED55 mm


Dolabany Vartan Beige Crystal



Dolabany Vartan is a round frame made with handmade acetate, multi-barrel hinges, and a signature keyhole bridge. The Vartan’s are one of our top sellers this time of year because of the neutral colors we offer.

49-20-145, B42 mm. ED49 mm