Our CEO and Founder, Mark Dolabany would like to share our newest release of the Sun Clip-On for our most popular frame, the Sardi Frame.

The Dolabany Sardi Frame is the most popular frame in our 30-year history.  They are extremely lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic. The Sardi Frame comes in 3 different sizes and 39 different colors.  There are sizes and colors for all of your customers wants and needs.

Dolabany Sardi Demi Amber
Dolabany Sardi color Demi Amber

These frames are made a material called TR90.  TR90 is a thermoplastic material produced.  If you have customers that are allergic to acetate or metal, introduce them the Sardi Frame.  

The Sardi Frames are durable, flexible, and lightweight.  They are very comfortable to wear and contour to the face very nicely without squeezing the sides of the head.  If your customer has chronic headaches, these frames are ideal for them.

Recently, we have released the Sun Clip for our most popular frame, the Sardi.  The Sardi Clip-On has the standard metal clip-on, which is small metal prongs on either side, that magnetize to the screws in the hinges.  They are flexible, making them easy to put on the frames. We also carry this Clip-On in all 3 sizes to go with the 3 sizes of the Sardi Frame.

Dolabany Sardi Sun Clip
Dolabany Sardi Sun-Clip

The Sardi Sun Clip-On is ideal for the customer that does not want to purchase another set of frames for sunglasses.  The clip-on frame is black and the lenses are a polarized grey that will help deflect the sun and the glare. 

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