Below you will find the latest point-of-purchase displays that are available to support our brands (Dolabany, Dolabany Sun, Firenze Occhiali, and Plume Paris). To order, please call our corporate office toll free at 1.800.688.7661 and speak to one of our representatives.

PL14 Plume Paris Wood Tray 13.5″x8.5″x2.5″

PL13 Plume Paris Logo Wood Block 6.25″x1.25″x3.25″

PL12 Plume Paris 2.75″ Cube

PL16 Divonee Silk Banner 2×3

PL17 Divonee Counter Card 10×7

DE34 Arista Silk Banner 2×3

DE26 Baxter Silk Banner 2×3

DE24 Dolabany Counter Card feat. Babylon/Baxter 7″x10″

DE33 Arista Counter Card

DE35 Thousand Kisses Banner 2×3

DE36 Thousand Kisses Counter Card 10×7″

DE38 Dubuque Silk Banner 2×3′

DE23 Dolabany Chef 23-Color Counter Card 8″x11″

DE21 Dolabany Sardi Silk Banner 48″x24″

DE37 Dubuque Counter Card 10×7″

DE18 Dolabany 10pc. Display with Lock 7.5″x7.5″x32″

DE30 Dolabany Logo Mirror Navy

DE15 Dolabany Clear Plexi Logo Block 5.75″x 2.75″x 0.75″

DE7 Dolabany 3pc Clear Plexi 9″x7″x5″

DE10 Dolabany Silk Banner 27″x30″

DE16 Dolabany Counter Card 7″x5″

DE19 Dolabany White Plexi Tray 10.25″x8″x0.25″

DE28 Pueblo Counter Card 8″x11″

DE31 Arnold Counter Card 8″x11″

DE32 Polarized Lens Tester

FO2 Firenze Occhiali Plexi Glass Block 5.75″x2.75″x0.75″

FO3 Firenze Occhiali Counter Card 8″11″

FO1 Firenze Occhiali Silk Banner 2×3

FO5 Firenze Occhiali Orvieto Silk Banner 2×3

FO4 Firenze Occhiali Orvieto Counter Card

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