As the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Warm summer days are gone and cooler weather begins. The leaves change from green to vibrant orange, yellow, and red leaves, we welcome the Fall season. We want to share with you the 2020 Fall Eyewear Trends!

Women’s Trends

Translucent / Clear Frames

Clear translucent frames have been a popular style for the past few seasons, but new tints like grey, rose, greens, and browns have become the latest addition to any outfit. Dolabany Bailey Green

Thin Wire Frames

Thin silver or gold wire frames have become a massive trend in the eyewear world. With fun shapes like octagons, aviators, or round frames are becoming more popular, we are sure you can help you customer find a fun new style to freshen up their look. Dolabany Killarney Rose Gold

Cat-Eye Frames

The timeless cat-eye style frame has been around for decades and is making a huge comeback. Tortoiseshell or statement colors like red or blue cat eyeglasses can add a funky aspect to pretty much any outfit. Dolabany Casandra Hunter Demi

Men’s Trends

Aviator Frames

Wire-rimmed aviator-style frames have become very popular recently in a variety of shapes. Square, round, and the classic teardrop-shaped frames can suit various face shapes and sizes and can help accent any outfit. Dolabany Arizona Black

Vintage Round Frames

Stylish and cool, these kinds of eye frames have a pinch of 1920s mixed with a bold and a contemporary edge. The vintage eye frames are something that has stood the test of time and is unanimously loved by men and women around the world. Overall, vintage round eye frames are must-have eyewear for all you leaders of the pack. Dolabany Langon Matte Black and Gun Metal