It doesn’t matter what you call them; crystal, clear, or transparent framed eyewear, the trending crystal eyeglass frames is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of fashion trendsetters the world over. Although crystal frames have been around for a long time, their style and relevance have resurfaced with a bang!

The prescription crystal eyewear frames are transparent are one of the top trends of this upcoming season for both men and women and are gaining a more desired look.

Not only have the clear and crystal frames rocked the fashion runways, but they have also occupied a place in the eyewear collection of fashion lovers. The clean and subtle tone that these frames create makes them more desirable for people of all walks of life.

Clear frame glasses are perfect for everyone because they do not hide your face and all the beautiful facial features everyone is gifted with. They will compliment your customer and their style.

Check out Dolabany’s trending crystal frames for 2019

Dolabany Sparta:

These frames are a “retro star.”  The Dolabany Sparta are produced with high-quality acetate, real rivets, and keyhole bridge. The thinly designed frame makes a subtle fashion statement while maintaining a lightweight, comfortable fit.

Dolabany Sardi:

These frames are great for the active person.  They are made of durable, flexible material and have a small profile.  The Sardi is made with TR-90 material and it is available in 39 colors and three eye sizes (49, 51, 53).  These are also lightweight and are very comfortable to wear day in and day out.

Dolabany Karubi:

The Dolabany Karubi has been produced to fit the petite category at eye size 46.  The Karubi frame is for the “down to Earth,” type person. These square frames are plastic, which makes them lightweight, and have metal accents. The Kaubi crystal frame is great for a round-face shape.

Dolabany Pueblo:

The traditional, P3 shape continues to return each season due to its popularity.  The Pueblo is a vintage-inspired look recreated by Dolabany and produced with premium Zyl, real rivets, multi-barrel hinges, and a keyhole bridge. The style is now available in 24 color-combinations and three eye sizes (43, 45, 47).

Dolabany John:

With the success of the Vincent and Armando frames, it became clear that there was a need for larger-sized frames.  The Dolabany John has been released in size 54 as an extension of this category. The rectangular frame is produced with high-quality zyl and is available in Dolabany’s signature color-combinations as well as this season’s most prominent trend, crystal.

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Crystal Frames

1.  Choose the correct shape: Choosing the right frame shape is essential for every kind of glasses. The ideal frame shape is the opposite of the shape of your customer’s face. For example, a square, rectangular or angular frame goes well with a round face, and a circular or oval frame is perfect for a square face. If they have an oval face, you are in luck – the oval shape is considered to be one of the easiest to find glasses for because most frames will look great.

2.  Advice your customer to wear clothes of the lighter shade. Clothes in darker shades will draw all the attention away from your glasses and make them look invisible.  A light-colored outfit will bring attention to their face and their awesome new crystal glasses.

3. For women, they need to wear very light makeup. Heavy makeup and clear glasses frames are a no-go. If your customer chooses to wear clear glasses, they need to apply lighter makeup so not take the focus away from the crystal/transparent frames.

4. Large frames are back in style, and they look especially great with clear glasses. They become more visible and do not hide most of your face as much as large glasses with dark frames. Large frames are also one of the best styles for any face shape.

5. Crystal frames should be worn indoors. Clear glasses frames are not meant to be worn as sunglasses because the frame will reflect sunlight. Indoor events are perfect for wearing glasses with transparent frames.

Whether your customer is looking to achieve a subtle look or wants to dress to impress; clear, crystal or transparent eyeglasses will ace the job.

Here at Dolabany Eyewear, we are committed to not selling our products on the internet. Selling frames online takes away from the personal and professional fitting of the frames.  Every face is different, and it takes a professional, licensed optician to make sure your customers are getting the right frame to fit their face. When people purchase from the big box stores, they are not getting the professional, high-quality, handmade frames that you would get from an independent eye care professional.

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