‘Gianna’ by the Dolabany Eyewear Collection in Black & Blue… A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame:


“Gianna started off as a vintage inspired design one Sunday afternoon at a neighborhood terrace. It’s actually a great place to be inspired, a handful of blueberries to snack on, tall majestic trees, blue jays chirping, blue butterflies dancing in the air and the sound of a calming warm breeze all around you.

Though the Gianna frame originally started with vintage aspirations for our Dolabany Collection, it turned out to be a lot more modern than it intended it to be. Once a modern frame front was drawn, its temples were an easy design to come up with given all the nature around me.”


“When I first drew the Gianna frame it was a clear afternoon. I had just witness a beautiful sunset and it was the moment in the evening that’s between daylight and darkness – twilight. I’ve never really paid attention to this part of the day as normally it was overshadowed by a beautiful sunset. However let me tell you, dusk (twilight) is just as beautiful.

There is so much mystery behind the shadows it creates and the sparkling blue colors it showcases after the sun is below the horizon. The combination of blue and black became my favorite color combination that day, so I had to add this combination to the Gianna model aside from the other two colors I had in mind: Brown Streak and Wine Streak.”


“What started to become another cat-eye shaped frame to add to our collection, it naturally transitioned to become a modern thick retro oval shaped frame. After softening its curves and adding a fun floral design to its temples, Gianna became to be a great frame to add to Dolabany’s Spring/Summer Collection.”