A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame…


“A group of us (eyewear designers) traveled to France for inspiration on our next set of frames to debut as part of the Fall 2012 collection.

We researched three cities where we wanted to draw our focus from, one being the beautiful city of Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Honestly speaking, inspiration did not come as fast as I thought it would and believe it or not, it wasn’t because of lack of ideas, it was completely the opposite – too many ideas to sort through so I couldn’t really pinpoint what to define our next design on. One thing was for sure, we wanted to introduce a frame that had a unique design that differentiated it from the rest of our frames in our collection. We had challenged ourselves with the idea that the new Plume Paris Fall Collection was going to be the best frames we have ever come out wit.”


“The city of Lyon is filled with renaissance-era masterpieces. From beautiful wall murals to century old buildings decorated with gargoyles and angels there is so much to see in Lyon. The dominant color theme runs in the tangerine family. Different color variations of red and orange can be found throughout several architectural landmarks and even the food, something Lyon is also celebrated for. Thus, for our new frame fittingly named ‘Lyon’ we chose to mix each frame with two different colors that can be found in the same color family – Tangerine/Pink, Green/Blue, and Violet/Fuchsia.”


“From historical landmarks, beautiful cityscapes, and uniquely designed water bridges the ‘Lyon’ frame became uniquely shaped. Its frame front was designed to have an arch shape with a sharper edge resembling renaissance architecture and its temples imitate the shape of the ‘Wilson Bridge’ built in 1918. Only stainless steel metal was used in the making of the ‘Lyon’ frame.”