The Dolabany Collection is known for its recreations of mid-century eyewear styles (for example, the favorited Dolabany Arnold) and, this fall, they deliver an array of striking styles that celebrate the craft and creativity of vintage workmanship with Dolabany’s unique take on the classics.


The Dolabany Amelia was designed to satisfy a demand for over-sized frames in the female demographic. Amelia is produced with high-quality Italian Zyl (acetate) that has been infused with vibrant, extraordinary color palettes such as Purple Graffiti, Blue Graffiti, and Black Graffiti. Amelia is also available in Dolabany classic color combos Tiger Olive, Demi Lilac, Brown Dusk, and Chestnut Demi.

Overview – Model Amelia; Seven (7) Colors Blue Graffiti, Purple Graffiti, Black Graffiti, Demi Chestnut, Tiger Olive, Demi Lilac, Brown Dusk; Size 55-17-140

Dolabany Eyewear Amelia Blue Graffiti



The Dolabany Linus has a subtle cat-eye shape and is available in deep, rich, earthy tones. The color combinations for this retro-inspired style were carefully selected from Dolabany Eyewear’s best-selling shades. The Linus is available in Demi Chestnut, Demi Blue, Brown Dusk, Demi Lilac, and Tiger Olive.

Overview – Model Linus; Five (5) Colors Demi Chestnut, Demi Blue, Brown Dusk, Demi Lilac, Tiger Olive; Size 50-20-140

Dolabany Eyewear Linus Demi Chestnut


The Dolabany Lisette has already been labeled as this season’s favorite cat-eye. This almond-shaped frame has been produced using a new technology of compressing acetate into a thinner, more flexible material.  Rich coloring was used to make Blue Marble, Brown Marble, and Demi Blond. Lisette is also available in classic Black and Matte Brown Dusk.

Overview – Model Lisette; Five (5) Colors Blue Marble, Brown Marble, M.Brown Dusk, Black Crystal, Demi Blond; Size 54-16-140

Dolabany Eyewear Lisette Blue Marble


The Dolabany McKale has also been produced using a new technology of compressing acetate into a thinner, more flexible material. For colors, M. Blue, M. Pink, M. Tan, the marbleized rectangular-front has a matte finish and its pastel temples are shiny. The combination of finishes is unique and exquisite. The McKale is also available in Matte Dark Tortoise and Matte Brown Dusk.

Overview – Model McKale; Five (5) Colors M. Blue, M. Pink, M. Tan, M. Brown Dusk, M. Dark Tortoise; Size 53-16-135

 Dolabany Eyewear McKale Pink




For those that are familiar with current styles of the Dolabany collection, the Dolabany Tamara is a take on the popular model Odessa. Using a similar shape, this retro-inspired style is produced with high-quality acetate, real rivets and multi-barrel hinges – signature features of the Dolabany Collection that are reminiscent of mid-centrury production.

Overview – Model Tamara; Seven (7) Colors Sky Caramel, Brown Dusk, Purple Dolabany Eyewear Tamara Sky CaramelSwirl, Demi Lilac, Demi Blue, Tiger Olive, Demi Chestnut; Size 53-18-135