At Dolabany Eyewear, we want to see your business grow and thrive.  Today, the growth of a business can very easily stem from their popularity on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… The list can seem infinite. However, nothing seems to capture the attention of online users quite like videos have as evidenced by Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and now, Facebook Live.  

Facebook Live is a fairly recent concept of live video streaming that allows you to communicate directly with your customer and it is only increasing in popularity.  Your customer can now interact with you from the palm of their hand on a regular basis using several different mediums, and Facebook Live has the potential of capturing this constituency on a larger scale.  Live videos are receiving more attention than traditional videos.

We tried Facebook Live for ourselves and the results were fair…

While going “Live” can certainly be daunting, we found that we received a generally good response for our first time recording and gained experience for next time. Here are some recommendations we can bestow onto you:

  • Brainstorm Content: Create content that your customers will care about. For example, a virtual tour of your office, a live eye exam, new product, new technology, a live fitting, a Q&A session, a trade show or event.
  • Conduct a Practice Run: You are bound to make mistakes during a Live recording, so don’t worry if you fumble your words. Make light of it and keep going! However, it won’t hurt you to practice, practice, practice for the main event.
  • Promote your Event: Promote your Live event through other marketing channels, as well as Facebook, before and after the recording. This promotion will only help you increase your audience. Remember, this video will not only be seen by your “followers” but it will also be seen by their friends as well.

Facebook Live is just another way of capturing the attention of your target market (your local community) and engaging with them in a fun, creative way. We encourage you to continue finding different channels of communication to build relationships with current and potential customers in this new age social media.

For detailed instructions on how to record a Facebook Live video, visit Hubspot‘s marketing blog for useful tips and suggestions. Dolabany Eyewear will be posting our own Facebook Live videos every couple of weeks sharing new concepts that we believe are helpful to growing your eye care business. We hope to see you there.

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