As we begin 2021, there are a few strategies eyewear companies should be taking to make sure their marketing is on point for 2021.

Conduct Eye Checkup Campaigns


Schools, colleges, and government institutions are the best spots for organizing your eye checkup camps. During the checkup hours, you will encounter numerous people who will have some eye defects that forces them to wear eyeglasses.

There is a maximum possibility that when they come to know about their specific eye problems, then they will reach your optical store for purchasing high-quality lenses or glasses. This will make you enough money!



Is Your Website Up-To-Date

Many customers/consumers will Google you long before they come to your store! Is your website up-to-date? How about your Google Maps? Are your hours up-to-date? Are you sharing your specials on your website? Can the customer find your phone number or email easily? All of this is important to make sure you are found on the world wide web.

Do You Have a Blog?

Express your business aim most responsibly by beginning a blog. The blog posts should speak about ‘what’s new’ in the market, how you are different from the rest, and important dates throughout the year involving eye health.

You can write about the latest fashion industry changes about the different lens and goggle styles, the best ideas for preventing eye infections, and the recently developed glass frames.

Share Testimonials on Your Website

Testimonials set the best scene for improving the customers’ trust in you and soon turns them into your loyal customers, and is the best “word of mouth” advertising you can do! Your customers are advertising for you!

Eyewear Descriptions

Make sure all of your eyewear descriptions are up-to-date and informational. What is going to want someone to buy “these” frames instead of “those” frames? Are they unisex or pointed more towards the males or females? What is so significant about each of the frames?

Search Bar

Does your search bar allow the customer to type “cat-eye” and bring up all the “cat-eye” frames for the customer to choose from? Does it also allow them to click on a blog about specific frames? If someone compares the acetate to the TR-90, can they search that on your site and find the blog that will answer all of their questions?

Advertise on Social Media

Social media advertisements let people get a view of your optical store business. Be sure to tell about the upcoming seasonal or festive offers. Inform them about the various services available at your store as well. Keep it simple!

Don’t forget to set up a re-direct campaign. If someone has come to your website or Googled your store using Social Media, you can redirect them back.

Running specials for the new year? Do your customers know? Is it posted on your social media?

Referral Discounts


Word of mouth advertising is the most efficient and affordable marketing there is. So you need to make sure you are offering some referral discount to your loyal customers.

Know Your Customer

Get to know your customers, demographics, what they like to do for fun, and what they do for work. If you know more about your customers, you are sure to point them in the right direction for a frame that suits them.

If they are active, maybe they need to look at the TR-90 frames since they are a little more durable than the acetate frames. Do they sit and look at a computer screen all day? Make sure you are encouraging the “blue-light blocker” for whatever eyewear they decide to chose. Do they only need them for reading? Perhaps you could point them to a smaller frame.

You must know your customer. What they want and what they need will continue to bring them back time and time again, and they are sure to tell their friends about the amazing experience they had at your store!