Trending this year is the Retro Style Frames, and let’s face it, vintage-inspired glasses rock! Anyone who wears them is merely giving out the catchphrase that they are in touch with the current fashion trends.

Vintage or Retro frames make a statement. Vintage-inspired eyeglass frames help your customers tell the world who they are and a little bit about their personality — hip, trendy, stylish, and out of the ordinary.

It may be difficult for your customer to choose the right retro style glasses that suits them best, and that is where you come in.  You can help them consider their facial appearance, the type of glasses they want, the kind of personality they want the frames to reflect. You’ll need to talk to them about shape, size, and color too. 

The Dolabany Eyewear collection is known for its retro-inspired designs. The classic, mid-century eyewear styles are re-imagined with Dolabany Eyewear’s signature colors, materials, and accent details.

Dolabany Pueblo

Round, retro-styled frames evoke images of our icons from the 1950’s and 60’s.  The Dolabany collection carries several interpretations of this beloved shape.  One of the most popular frames of the entire line is model Pueblo.  The Dolabany Pueblo is a P3 shape, featuring a keyhole bridge, multi-barrel hinges, and real rivets. With a color palette of twenty-four shades/patterns and three sizes available, this model has the advantage of choice for a wider range of clientele. Match a round-shaped frame with a lovely square-shaped or heart-shaped profile. Also, look for round models Baxter, Passage, Paget, Skylar.

Dolabany Arnold

Dark, thick-framed glasses are evocative and reminiscent of a different time and place.  Dolabany Eyewear uses high-quality acetate to shape and mold this midcentury reproduction.  Metal embellishments add another level of detail to this refined look. Also, see Babylon.

Dolabany Arizona

These oversized, metal frames are a huge hit this season!  As a matter of fact, not only are the millennials loving this old school, chic, fashionable look, but they are trendy amongst top celebrities too. 

The best part about the Dolabany Arizona frames, they fit just about any face shape. If your customer has a square, round, heart, and pear-shaped face, they can all pull off aviator frames with ease.

Dolabany Dingle

There are several oversized metal frames in different eclectic shapes throughout the Dolabany line this season.  Though the Dolabany Dingle is charactized by its dramatized, cat-eye contour, its thin profile makes for a subtle statement.   The critical thing to consider for vintage-inspirations is that they keep on changing their style based on fashion trends.  And vintage eyeglasses frames have actually been resurging since the 50s and 60s, and they seem to be here to stay. Also, look for Kabelo, Killarney, Seville.

Dolabany Activist

As an ode to the original style of the 1950s, Dolabany Eyewear has produced the Activist. This retro, classic style was notably worn by cultural leaders of the time. The combination of acetate and metal establishes a distinguished, fashionable look.

The Dolabany Activist is one of Dolabany Eyewear’s staple timeless classic styles that are here to stay.

Dolabany Karma

What goes around comes around… The Dolabany Karma is a revival of a mid-century inspired, metal, round frame that is perfect for styling high-prescription Rx’s. Two color tones and artistic etchings modernizes this classic shape which is produced of stainless steel for durable wear. Also, see Chatou, Jinan, Apolline, Hubert.

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