Mario Galbatti – MG 142 in M. Brown/Bronze…

A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame:


“The Mario Galbatti eyewear collection is linked with confidence. So, when designing a frame for the collection I wanted to showcase confidence even in the details of the frame.

This time around, I designed a stainless steel contemporary masculine frame that was distinct from the ‘vintage’ inspired frames in the collection. While brainstorming on the MG-142 design what came to mind was to think like a sports car driver. What type of glasses would I wear? That seemed to do the trick.”


“My favorite combination for the MG 142 frame is Brown/Bronze/Black. By some standards these would be consider warm tones but they are definitely not intended to be. I wanted more than beige, which is warm color tone. So I went with bright like the glow of a shimmering rock formation during sunrise, confident like a caracal traveling through a hot orange desert, and different like a shedding tree that surprises you with colorful orange tones underneath.

The MG 142 needed to stand out from your standard warm toned frame colors found time and time again.”


“The MG 142 is not your typical contemporary square shape. Its design enhances the shape that allows the wearer to feel confident wearing it. For example, on the face of the frame you’ll find sport car grille type design that curves onto the temple.

The temple is thicker and the temple tips have sunglass type padding. This frame is definitely a more masculine frame for the Mario Galbatti Collection.