We want to share our new releases for the fall season of 2020. Let us know what you think!

Acetate Fall New Releases


Dolabany Allison Blue

As we continue into fall, the translucent frames continue to be a hot trend. Dolabany Allison is produced with a high-quality, thick, clear acetate. Its prominent, cat-eye shape is eye-catching and adds a feminine flair to your eyewear look. Allison is available in autumnal shades of orange-brown, indigo blue, olive green, and crystal clear and a solid black. Size 53-17-140


Dolabany Karubi Ebony White

Dolabany Karubi has resulted in being one of our best-sellers in the Petite category. This season, we have added four more colors to the style. Karubi’s new color combinations have been successful in other models throughout the Dolabany collection. These include Beige, Teal Demi, Sienna, Ebony/White. 

Size 46-17-145


Dolabany Louiza Plum

Staying on our petite models, Dolabany Louiza has a modified round shape. Louiza celebrates the style with a light, thin, translucent acetate with vibrant colors. New shades of emerald green, sky blue, warm plum, and our traditional beige crystal and black. 

Size 50-17-137


Dolabany Nepal Tokyo Tortoise

Going back to our retro-inspired shape and style we’ve added the Dolabany Nepal. The round frame is completed with extended end pieces at the eye and, of course, the real-rivets and multi-barrel hinges. We convey Dolabany’s favorite color combinations in these high-quality acetate frames. Ebony Demi and Blue Demi. For colors Multi Demi and Tokyo Tortoise, a matching translucent color has been paired and fused with the popular tortoise patterns. A translucent teal or blue makes up the bottom half of the frame front and temple tips to add more life to the frames. Our traditional Brown Dusk color is decorated with a pop of royal blue at the top of the frame front and temple tips. Look for the unique style in categories Fusion and Essential on DolabanyEyewear.com

Size 46-20-145


Dolabany Saxon Tan

Model Saxon is a light, thin, rectangular frame. This traditional shape has been elevated with translucent acetate in colors blue, tan, crystal, as well as, traditional brown dusk and black. Saxon will be included in Dolabany’s Essentials list. Size 54-16-145 

TR-90 Fall New Release

Our TR-90 frames have an ultra-lightweight material, more so than any acetate frame, and possess a rubber-like texture. TR-90 frames have become the pair of eyeglasses that someone can wear daily for long periods of time without getting aches and pains at pressure points. The material is also hypoallergenic for those that may have skin sensitivities. Models in this category are available at a favorable price point.


Dolabany Sulton Crystal

Dolabany Sulton is our newest addition to the TR-90. Dolabany is expanding its XL category due to high demand and successes with our other XL styles in the TR-90 collection, which began with model Vincent. And yet the Dolabany Sulton is not only a bigger, with a rectangular frame; it is also produced in the lightweight TR-90 material for ultimate all-day comfort. It is available in the standards: Matte Black, Brown Beige, Crystal, and Navy. 

Size 56-18-150.

Don’t forget: Since clear, translucent frames are in high demand, we have added a tab to DolabanyEyewear.com dedicated specifically to the trend: Menu > Our Brands > Dolabany Eyewear > Clear/Translucent

As we close this blog on our Fall 2020 New Release, we want to remind you to stay safe and healthy!