The Plume Paris eyewear collection is known for its unique, elegant frame styles. This year, Best Image Optical was able to capture the essence of the line with one frame: Taden by Plume Paris; it has become one of Plume Paris’ bestsellers.nnInspiration and creativity has always been the cornerstone of success for Plume Paris eyewear. However, Best Image Optical‘s ability to understand what people want and need in style has been their true success. Seeing into the future. Seeing the likes and dislikes.nnEyewear is far more than just frames, far more than just “Buy One Get One.” It is about a statement and personality.nnPlume Paris takes inspiration from many forms. Like one of the most popular and highly sought after frames: the Taden from the Plume Paris eyewear collection. Does Taden sound familiar? It is a French city, known for its decor, architecture, and inspiration. While most look to fashion designers, trends, and the “Who’s Who” Best Image Optical looks to the subtlety of style. This frame just speaks to people.nnStainless steel, with a classy brow-bar accent. Our clients have a choice in color combination of green/brown, blue/grey, and red/black. With its innovative thin frame, with an impact design at the top of the glasses, that is where the contrast of color reigns. It is no wonder why so many have fallen in love with these frames.nnSee Best Image Optical’s creativity is not inspired by mass production or following trends. They create the trends that people want, before they even know they want it. Eyewear is such an intricate part of people, fashion, and feeling, that it demands unique inspiration. Taden from the Plume Paris Collection is: the First Step in Style.nnAbout Plume Paris:nnThe Plume Paris collection is the essence of fine European design eyewear. Without sacrificing creativity and using the finest materials, Plume Paris eyewear is always beautiful and comfortable to wear. Its design is a wonderful mixture of inspiration from the past with an eye to a more modern and edgy style.nnOne of the most significant design elements to the collections is the blending of easy to wear frame shapes with exquisite and unique temple designs.  Look to Plume Paris as a leader in design for men and women’s eyewear.nn