‘Clover’ by the Dolabany Eyewear Collection in Tiger Black…

A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame:


“Creating retro eyewear is truly gratifying for me. When I get to design them I always start with a round frame. For this style: ‘Clover’, I wanted to create a smaller round frame to include in our Dolabany Collection and modernize it a bit from the other round retro frames in the collection. The ‘Clover’ design replaces the typical vintage bridge key-hole for a modern smooth bridge. To complement the near perfect round frame, I used circular plates for its hinges.”


“I love color. However, when re-creating the vintage look I prefer to use colors associated with its style. My favorite color on the ‘Clover’ is Tiger Black, a combination of deep yellow with black. There is so much depth in these colors that it just inspires my senses. I can’t take credit for this color combination as it’s so common in nature. Just go on any safari trip and you’ll have it all around you.


“One of my favorite true retro styles is the round shape frame. I feel there is so much sophistication behind the shape. It doesn’t require too much color or flashy accessories, just by being round it creates its own statement. I can’t help but notice how round shaped frames have become iconic glasses for some of the most famous people in the world, like Steve Jobs, John Lennon, and don’t forget the Dalai Lama.”