In a word, the answer is “Yes.” Merchandising is an invaluable… business tool for competitive optical dispensaries.

Today’s eyewear market is so competitive; therefore displays that capture the attention of the consumer are critical. They draw that consumer to your dispensary’s brands.

Solid merchandising plans can give your location even more credibility in the marketplace and help set you apart from mass market and chain retailers.

Good merchandising has been proven to boost frame sales as well as the average sale price of the frames sold. Creating a better retail environment to increase sales is the goal of all retailers, including optical retailers. Solid merchandising tactics can help you meet this goal, even in turbulent economic times. When merchandising your products keep this in mind:

1. Create Visual Excitement – one way of doing this is to display enough frames in the dispensary to pique their interest.

2. Display with Panache – many ECP’s are eliminating conventional frame boards for unique, eye-catching displays to show off their frame styles.

3. Don’t overdue the P.O.P. – though P.O.P’s can definitely liven up the look of the displays, if not rightly balanced it can also drown it.

Here at Best Image Optical, we strive to boost your sales and make merchandising a breeze with our targeted and aesthetically appealing P.O.P., displays, and programs (view them by clicking here). Speak to your sales rep to help you choose the right P.O.P. or call us to order at 1.800.688.7661.