7/10/12: It’s Tumblr Tuesday with Best Image Optical. Respecting eyewear, today’s trend on the…professional man includes a simple and formal look for work.

The Society of Human Resources Management emphasizes that good eyewear is part of your wardrobe accessory that tell employers a lot.

Shelly Trent from the above society suggests, “Clean your glasses, including the nose grips.”

So what would the professional man choose for eyewear? According to Eye Care Business Magazine, “subtle detailing and a color palette that pushes beyond black and brown are adding some appropriate spice to the equation” (May 2012). Consider the following frames when planning your next eyewear product mix: Niko (Olive Streak) by Dolabany Eyewear, MG 118 (Demi Amber/Gold) by Mario Galbatti, and Yves (M. Olive/Lime) by Plume Paris. View our entire collection here: www.bestimageoptical.net.