?”We can see clearly now…”?

June 6th is National Eyewear Day! Here at Dolabany, we are always super excited about this day. Since 1989, Dolabany Eyewear, a family-owned and operated frame company, has been a reliable source of high-quality, classical designed hand-crafted eyewear.

Today, Dolabany’s passion for the industry is represented in his own eyewear designs. He uses premium acetate, old-fashioned, multi-barrel hinges, and rivets. Mark’s designs are the reflection of the same high–quality craftsmanship he observed during his youth.

At Dolabany Eyewear, we believe that it is vital for people to be correctly prescribed eyeglasses, and every pair should be fitted by an eye care professional. As an eyewear prescriber, how are you celebrating National Eyewear Day with your patients? Are you offering a free eye exam? This is a great place to start getting new patients in the door. People don’t know what they don’t know. Even if they can see clearly, everyone should have an annual eye exam to make sure nothing is going on in the background of the lenses.

Don’t Buy Online

With over 30 years of experience, we have witnessed the optical industry go through numerous changes. And today we’d like to take a moment to discuss: buying prescription glasses on the internet.

When purchasing prescription eyewear online, people sacrifice the quality and fit of what is considered by the U.S. F.D.A. to be a Class 1 medical device. This has been a cause for concern in the eye health industry.

In a research study conducted by the Vision Council, researchers found that of the 200 pairs of eyeglasses received, 44.8% of them had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues outside of standardized guidelines. Several pairs had the wrong lens types. And even more alarming was the fact that 23% of adult eyeglasses and 29% of children’s failed to meet impact test standards.

Also, we’d like to mention that when buying eyewear from a big “box” store, you are purchasing mass-produced eyewear and you are paying for the logo and licensing, not the quality of the frames. 

Eyewear developed by independent companies is not mass-produced, so you know that you are getting quality eyewear. When you purchase frames from an independent eyewear company such as dolabany.com, rest assured, you are getting high-quality frames! Not to mention you are supporting smaller, sometimes family-owned businesses.