As promised, here are more new releases for the New Year!

Here at Dolabany, we like to keep our styles, colors, and frames up-to-date with the latest trends. In this blog, we are going to share with you our Italian brand, Firenze Occhiali.

Dolabany commemorates the craft and creativity of vintage designs. And with our Italian brand, Firenze Occhiali, where we combine old-world eyewear with fine Italian workmanship.

Staying true to Dolabany’s philosophy of partnering with family-owned enterprises, Firenze Occhiali is handmade by a multigenerational and family-owned manufacturer.

Here are the new releases for Firenze Occhiali.

Firenze Occhiali Orvieto

Handcrafted with high-quality acetate, the Orvieto showcases an asymmetrical pattern to emphasize the cat-eye shape. You can find them in Green, Sky (pictured), and Smoke. Size 53-17-140, B37 mm, ED52 mm

Firenze Occhiali Luca

Luca takes us back-in-time with this chunky, trapezoidal design. This style of eyewear frame was made iconic by mid-century stars and cinema icons. Today, the style continues to trend to complete a smart, creative look. You can find these frames in Brown Dusk, Black (pictured), Tokyo Tortoise, and Champagne. Sizes 53-19-145, B38 mm, ED54 mm

This completes our new release line-up for the Firenze Occhiali. To view all of the Firenzi Occhiali collection, visit Dolabany/Firenze Occhiali.

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