Dolabany Eyewear is known for retro-inspired classics that have become our staples and continue to return every season. The collection has integrated timeless frame shapes with eclectic color and pattern combinations for those eyeglass-wearers looking for a unique statement look that can only be found at their local, independent eye care provider.

This Spring, we have several new releases for women and men!

Dolabany Women’s New Releases

Sand Footprint

Dolabany Sand Footprint Black

Like footprints in the sand, this frame is sure to leave an impression. This style is part of the “I love Dolabany” capsule collection, which includes other models such as Arista and Remember Me. These poetic names are derived from the titles of love songs, and stories have been assigned to these statement looks. Size: 54-17-140

By The River

Dolabany By The River Multi Demi

The market has spoken, and we have listened. Consumers are in search of unique, eclectic shapes and colors. Those who select a pair from our line of fusion looks are ready to express themselves with their eyewear. This cat-eye shape stands out with its bold prints and vibrant colors.
Size: 55-17-140

Dolabany Men’s New Releases


We’ve heard you, fellas! Not only do women want to make a statement with their eyewear, but guys also want colorful frames! This Spring, Dolabany releases unique color combinations that men can also sport. Style Kayce is unisex and offers color infusion to the men’s category.
Size: 53-17-145


Dolabany Baxter Grey Demi

The Baxter is a retro-inspired round that has become essential to the Dolabany collection. New colors Red and Green, spice up a timeless, innovative look. Longtime fans of this frame now have a selection of 10 colors to choose from.
Size: 43-20-145


Mark Doabany, our owner and designer, travels to visit our customers and considers all of their suggestions. One of our most popular frames, the Alexander, has had many requests for more color men’s frames. So this Spring, we are releasing five new colors in this medium to large rectangular shape frame. These frames offer a pop of color and keep to the classic, traditional look.
Size: 53-19-145


Dolabany Sparta Grey

Sparta is another staple of the Dolabany Men’s collection. These thinly designed frames make a subtle yet fashionable statement. These frames are comfortable to wear due to them being so lightweight. This Spring, we are releasing the translucent grey, a color that has become a favorite across all our frame lines.
Size: 49-19-147


Dolabany Hayden Biscuit Havana

A former TR-90 favorite is back with a new color selection. The Honalo has been reinvented as the unique style of Hawaii. Since we continued to receive
requests for the lightweight, durable frame, we had no choice but to bring it back into the collection’s current top color options. Spread the word! Honalo is back.
Size: 52-18-140

Be on the lookout! We still have more Spring releases coming your way!