The tortoise colored frames, also know as horn-rimmed glasses have been a best seller in eyewear for a while now, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

Did you know that tortoise color frames first made their way frames in the early twentieth century? The original tortoise color frames were made from real tortoise shell or animal horn. In 1973, thanks to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the use of this material was banned worldwide.

Why Tortoise Colored Frames?

While tortoise style glasses may have waned in and out of popularity over the past century, these vibrant, multi-color frames have finally proven themselves as fool-proof standards in more recent decades. 

Your customers should really consider the tortoise pattern glasses and get out of their comfort zone. The tortoise color frames are actually the best way to build a touch of complexity to their everyday look. Most designs incorporate two or three neutral tones that compliment all eye colors and skin tones while managing to go seamlessly with their day-to-day attire. 

Whether your customers are conservative or are quick to try something new, some of our favorite tortoise color eyewear will complement any taste.

The eyeglasses frames are beautiful nuances of honey yellow and wood brown, a style that complements your facial features.

Tortoise colored glasses can be worn in any setting and with any outfit. They are a versatile eyeglasses style, which aims to boost your customer’s look and give them confidence.

Dolabany’s Tortoise Frames

The Dolabany Assus has become one of the most popular acetate frames in the Dolabany collection, fulfilling a demand for styles in the petite size category.  Dolabany Assus in Dark Tortoise is an excellent example of how a simple frame can be attractive.

For a more graphic, bolder tortoiseshell pattern, have a look at our Dolabany Arnold in Tokyo Tortoise. This frame is a reinterpreted version of a classic, midcentury style and is made to stand out.

Tortoise is a Best Seller Among Women

The tortoise eyewear frames have been a best seller in women’s eyewear for a while now, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down (Dolabany Baxter shown above).  Tortoise eyeglass frames are colored in beautiful nuances of honey, yellow, and wood brown, among others, and offer a style that will complement all facial features.

Check out the Dolabany Sardi. They look good on almost every face shape:  round, square, oval, or heart and they are available in three sizes.

As far as eyeglasses frames for women go, there is nothing more attractive than a pair of cat-eye shaped glasses. One of our bestsellers is the the Dolabany Carina in Tiger Olive.

Blast From the Past

Check out retro-inspired, round frames:  Dolabany Passage frames in shades of Dark Tortoise and a lighter Tokyo Tortoise!

The Dolabany Pueblo is a traditional, P3 shape that continues to return each season due to its popularity in both men and women’s categories.  The Pueblo is a vintage-inspired look, produced with premium zyl, and is available in a variety of tortoiseshell patterns.


Tortoise eyewear will never go out of the style.  They are classic and modern at the same time.  With excellent color choices, you only have to consider the shape of your frames. Have your customers try frames that are opposite to that of their face shape.

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