According to a business analyst at Image Dynamics, 55% of another… person’s perception is based on how you look. So, what is proper attire for a professional optical dispensary? The majority opinion of successful Eye Care Professionals is this:

For Men

  • A collared shirt, either a dress shirt or a polo shirt, clean and pressed.
  • Trousers and a belt or brace, clean and pressed. No shorts.
  • A clean tie on a dress shirt
  • Clean and polished shoes. If you choose to wear a polo shirt, classic athletic shoes is an option.
  • Hair should be neat and clean.

For Women

  • When choosing a top (shirt, blouse or shell), sit down in front of a mirror and make the kinds of movements that you would make while fitting and adjusting eyewear.
  • Avoid too short, too tight, or both.
  • Careful with accessories that can get caught while working.
  • Stylish comfortable shoes.

For Everyone

  • Wear great eyeglasses, even if you don’t need them and try to own more than one pair. This way, you can showcase your look that others might want to imitate.

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