Tips and Guidelines for an Eye Care Professional.

Are lower per-sale revenues affecting your practice? Do what some successful practitioners do: Remain flexible to combat profit leaks. Here are some successful tips/guidelines that may improve your sales:

  • Competitive lenses: As more patients cut back on what they’re willing to spend on eyewear (especially on the higher cost of free-from lenses) many ECPs offer entry-/eve/lenses.
  • Free Repairs: Some ECP’s don’t charge for adjustments or general repairs for existing patients.
  • Get charitable: Many ECP’s have found success with a ‘recycling program’. This program motivates patients to turn in their old glasses in order to donate them to charity while at the same time receiving a credit amount to their purchase.
  • Reward the referrer: Offer incentive gifts when your patient refers someone to you.
  • Fun Marketing: Promote your business with fun marketing slogans to garner attention in slow months and increase sales. Also, use seasonal marketing slogans and theme your eyewear collection around it.
  • Educate yourself: Maybe one of the most important points. By educating yourself with the eyewear brand, what it’s made of, how to wear it, why to have it, and how it can complete a look, you are more likely to complete a sale.