Another summer has come and gone.  Summer’s come and go so fast, but we are now approaching the beautiful and colorful fall season, are you ready for it? The trending frames for Fall 2019 are the round frames.

For those looking to make a statement with their look in the Fall of 2019, fashionable eyewear is always a great option to consider. There’s nothing that says “New You” quite like a fresh pair of designer frames to complement the style you’re customers are going for.


From Geek to Chic

Circle round frames have become very popular this year, especially among the “geek” community. If your customer feels like wearing a head-turning, geeky type of frame, the round eyeglass frames should be their number one pick.

If your customer has a square shape face, oversized round frames would be an excellent pick for the Fall 2019 season. They’re very chic and will -up any outfit you choose to wear.


Dolabany Kabelo 

What I love about these oversized round frames is they have a thin wire frame that makes a subtle, but bold statement. 


Dolabany Taegan

Not a fan of the wireframes?  Go bold with the Dolabany Taegan!

Simmer Down with Smaller Round Frames

Need to simmer it down with smaller frames?  No worries, Dolabany’s got you covered! Not only do we have the large round frames, but we have the ever-so-popular small round spectacles too!

Dolabany Skylar

These are not the smallest round frames we have.  They are right in the middle of the over-sized round frames and the smaller round frames.

The colors on the Dolabany Skylar are sure to help make a bold statement for your customers.  If they don’t want to be too bright, they can tone it down with the Beige Crystal frame.


Dolabany Passage

Going with our “old world” design and workmanship, Dolabany Eyewear released the Passage frames earlier this year.  We are known for our retro-inspired styles, and these new frames are sure to “bring you back.” The classic, mid-century eyewear fashion is reimagined with Dolabany Eyewear’s signature colors, materials, and accent details.  


Dolabany Paget

The Dolabany Paget. These frames bring back old-school vibes with the oval-shaped, double-bridged frame.  Paget combines a colorful, demi-patterned acetate with stainless steel, composing a classic look with a modern twist.  These frames come in Blue, Red, and Black.


Dolabany Karma

The Dolabany Karma is a revival of a mid-century inspired, round frame. The Karma eyewear frames are perfect for styling high-prescription Rx’s. With the two-tone colors and artistic etchings on the temple, these frames modernize this classic round shape frames. The Karma frames are made for durable wear and produced of stainless steel.

All of Dolabany’s frames are vintage recreations and are all made the old-fashioned way. We use only high-quality acetate or high-quality metals, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges.

You will not find any of the Dolabany collection in the box stores or online. We believe that glasses should be fitted and sold in a professional and personalized environment by eye care professionals.  Click here to search for a Dolabany representative in your area.  Don’t forget to like and follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn to keep up on our new releases!  If you have any questions, feel free to email us here.