The Mario Galbatti Eyewear Collection once again has proven they are the forefront in designer eyewear, and this summer season the frame model MG158 is no exception.

The Mario Galbatti Eyewear Collection is a distinctive, fashion-forward eyewear line that offers upscale designer eyeglasses for men and women who want to channel pure confidence. The eyewear collection offers a perfect balance between high-fashion and casual, with retro flare with a hint of yesteryear styling. The eyewear collection also features colorful and inspired temples, impeccable details and exciting optical designs.

The Retro-Chic look of Mario Galbatti eyewear is versatile and can be used to achieve different fashion looks while always maintaining a high level of quality.

With the most sought after eyewear designs, the Mario Galbatti eyewear collection, releases the new frame model MG158. The model has been available for eye care professionals for a couple of months and has become very popular with optical fans. Production of these optical frames are made with a TR-90 material for the frame front with colors of: Matte Demi Amber, Matte Brown, Matte Red, Matte Blue, and Matte Black.

Mario Galbatti has taken eyewear a step further than just producing a stylish frame, utilizing the finest of materials, the temples are made out of carbon fiber which creates a more comfortable pair of eyeglasses. With this eyewear design, one can have the best of both worlds: comfort and style. This is the choice for the season due to the durability, and the sleek, yet modern look and feel of these frames.

Capture the look and feel with this amazing optical style from Mario Galbatti. Eye care professionals all over the world choose to carry the Mario Galbatti Collection; this is due to the impeccable optical design for men and women alike. The eyewear collection features amazing details, plus the most talked about designs. This is why this eyewear collection is the perfect balance when achieving an upscale or casual look.

Choosing eyewear no longer has to be a difficult task, not with the Mario Galbatti Collection. The optical wearer can combine comfort and style to create various fashion looks, this eyewear will give a unique, modern look for this season. People utilize eyewear not to compliment, but to complete an outfit, to establish a look. Men and women alike desire a fashionable look, this eyewear will complete that look.