With so many colors and frames to choose from, how do you decide what you want?  We are here to share with you the many frame choices made in the “Demi Pattern”. The Demi pattern is softer than the solid block colors.  Demi patterns help to highlight your eyes and nailing an ultra-smart vibe.

Here at Dolabany Eyewear, we have over 35 different frames that have many different Demi patterns.  Here we are going to list our top 10 sellers.

Dolabany Pueblo

Pueblo is a vintage-inspired look by Dolabany, produced with real rivets, multi-barrel hinges, and a keyhole bridge. The P3 shape has been fabricated since the 1920s and visible in most classic films. The Pueblo is available in three sizes and with 4 our demi pattern frames! Green Demi, Multi Dem, Honey Demi, and Safari Demi.

Dolabany Baxter

Baxter also has a vintage-inspired look.  You can see that the frames are round, and with the Sand Demi pattern, these frames will really draw attention to your eyes.  

Dolabany Activist

As an ode to the original Clubmaster of the 1950s, Dolabany Eyewear has released the Activist for 2019. Cultural leaders of the time notably wore this retro, classic style. With the combination of acetate and metal, your customer will establish a distinguished and fashionable look.  You can find the Dolabany Activist eyewear frames in several colors, including Demi Chestnut (pictured above).

Dolabany Abigail

For those of us that wish to add a little sparkle to their eyewear selection, the Dolabany Abigail has been embedded with a hint of glitter within the acetate material that stays in place and does not fade. These two-toned frames have a subtle flare shape that adds a dramatic note to an already eye-catching style.  You can find the Abigail in a Demi Blue pattern.

Dolabany Peace

The Dolabany Peace frames are a slightly modified round model.  This eyewear is produced with high-quality acetate. Note the retro stylings of a keyhole bridge and real, original rivets. The Peace frame is available in the collection’s most admired Demi patterns, the Multi Demi, Teal Demi, and Amber Demi.

Dolabany Linus

The Dolabany Linus has a subtle cat-eye shape and is available in deep, rich, earthy tones. The color combinations for this retro-inspired style were carefully selected from Dolabany Eyewear’s best-selling shades and patterns.  The Linus Demi patterns include the Demi Chestnut, Demi Blue, and, Demi Lilac.

Dolabany Ishtar

The Dolabany Ishtar frames are a two-toned rectangular frame, which is great for those that have a round face. Since round faces have a height and width that are about equal and should have frames that make the face appear longer and thinner. The Dolabany Ishtar frames are more angular and narrow from the top to the bottom of the frame and wider from left to right like rectangular helping add features to a round face.  You can find the Ishtar in Brown Demi, Purple Demi, and Crystal Demi.

Dolabany Sardi

The Dolabany Sardi is one of the highest grossing styles in company history. The Sardi is a style that is easy to fit & looks great on many different face shapes. The Sardi is ultra-lightweight, flexible, extremely durable, and resistant to high & low temperatures due to its TR-90 material. It has also been a comfortable alternative to acetate frames and alleviates pressure points added by nose pads. The Sardi can be found in 40 different colors including Demi Amber, Crystal Demi, and Demi Mint.

Dolabany Tamara

As many of you know the current styles of the Dolabany collection, the Dolabany Tamara is a take on the popular model Odessa. Using a similar shape, this retro-inspired style is produced with high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges, which are signature features of the Dolabany Collection that are reminiscent of mid-century production. You can find the Tamara frames in Demi Lilac, Demi Blue, and, Demi Chestnut patterns.

Dolabany Chef

We don’t want to forget about our kids, the future!  At Dolabany Eyewear, we have created an extension for children called Dolabany TR-90 Kids. The features of our TR-90 material are ideal for the active lives of our children. TR-90 is flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), and lightweight (ideal for pressure points at the temples and nose).  Kids want to make a statement too and they can do that in the many colors we offer, along with the Brown Demi, and Demi Mint patterns.

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