You started up the eyewear company not too long ago, and things have been going okay, but your store isn’t generating the kind of traffic you were hoping for. What can you do? People need a reason to come in and check out what you have in stock.

Optical retailers require constant promotion to bring new people into their stores.  You have to engage in promotions to get their attention.

So, the question is, what can we do to promote our eyewear company better? The number of ways is virtually endless, limited only by your imagination.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Free Eye Checkups

Many institutions are the best spots to organize FREE eye checkup camps. During the checkup hours, you will encounter numerous people who will have some eye defects that forces them to wear eyeglasses.

There is a maximum possibility that when they come to know about their specific eye problems, then they will reach your optical store for purchasing high-quality lenses or glasses.

Offer Reduced Prices

Most eyewear companies offer a BOGO deal (buy one get one). Consider running a reduced-price promo if you are not quite ready for a BOGO promo. Instead of giving away a free pair of eyewear, give a discount when your customer buys one pair of frames at full price, offer  50% off the second pair.  You can market a reduced price offer the same way you would a BOGO promo.

Refer a Friend

We have to assume you are already taking advantage of social media as a huge marketing tool for your retail business. (If you aren’t, this should be your first step) That being the case, attracting new followers is key to reaping maximum social media marketing benefits. It would help if you considered doing a ‘refer a friend’ promotion. Every time one of your current followers refers to someone who becomes a follower, you make a record of that. Every five or so followers a customer recommends, they would be eligible for a discount on their next purchase.

Keep Your Store Clean and Organized

Keep your business store absolutely well-managed and updated with the latest eye testing pieces of equipment and spectacles range. Arrange your best items on the front shelves to gain the utmost attention of the customers.

Also, improve the store’s lighting setup and interior design to leave a good impression even on the onlookers.

Self or Staff Promotions

Is your staff “sporting” some of your eyewear? Even if they don’t need prescriptions, it is a great idea to have your staff wear some of your opticals around the store and while off on the weekends. People will start to notice and ask where they can get their own! Are the pictures on your walls throughout the store featuring models wearing your frames, or are they everyday people – someone the consumer can relate to?

The five ideas listed here don’t scratch the surface of promotional possibilities. Remember that the idea of promotion is to get your name out there and give people a reason to visit your store. It is not a one-time thing, and that’s it. Promotions are something you have to do continually.