The Dolabany collection recreates original vintage design that captures the true retro trend.  Every frame in the collection is a perfect blend of yesterday and today.  Comfort and fit are an integral part of the design. The wide variety of materials used in the collection includes zyl, stainless steel and TR-90, which make this collection unique and exciting.  The look of the collection is versatile, while always maintaining a high standard of functionality and excellence. 

The line’s retro-inspired models are made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges.  This level of production reflects the designer’s background and history in the optical industry. Mark Dolabany has been repairing and selling eyeglasses since his early childhood. His involvement in the family’s optical business inhibited a deep appreciation for the handmade, quality eyewear.

This season, such attention to detail is evident in the models Cantara, Corsica, Keeva, Michelle, Porter and Samoa.

Model Cantara

Dolabany Cantara Navy Plaid sm

Colors Navy Plaid, Black Plaid, Burgundy Plaid, Size 54-16-140 Shop

Model Corsica

Dolabany Eyewear Corsica M Navy sm

Colors M. Navy, M. Black, M. Burgundy, Size 54-18-142 Shop

Model Keeva

Dolabany Keeva Purple Marble sm

Colors Purple Marble, Wine Marble, Black, Brown Marble, Size 53-15-137 Shop

Model Porter

Dolabany Eyewear Porter Blue Auburn sm

Colors Blue Auburn, Tiger Olive, Black/Crystal, Tortoise Orchid, Demi Moss, M. Ebony, Size 51-19-145 Shop

Model Michelle

Dolabany Michelle Purple sm

Colors Purple, Red, Black, Brown, Size 53-15-135 Shop

Model Samoa

Dolabany Eyewear Samoa Navy Weave sm

Colors Navy Weave, Burgundy Weave, Tiger Olive, Tortoise Moss, Size 51-17-140 Shop