If you are searching for new eyeglasses for your customers, this article is made for you! It’s a perfect source of inspiration, showing you the most popular Dolabany fashion frames. A stylish pair of glasses is a must-have of any fashion lover. Here at Dolabany Eyewear, we offer incredible spectacles in almost any color, shape, and material and stay focus on quality versus quantity.

One of this year’s trending eyewear frames is retro-styled frames, which Dolabany has been known for since they started in 1989. We are a family-owned and operated company. We only use premium acetate and the old-fashioned multi-barrel hinges and rivets to be sure your customer’s frames last as long as they keep them.


The aviator-style eyeglass is amazingly trendy this year and is believed to continue trending for years to come.  The much-loved aviator silhouettes are made to make a fashion statement and those that wear them really stand out! We have several aviator frames to choose from, including the Arizona and Seville.

Rosegold Arizona

Rosegold Seville

Cat-Eye Frames

Coming in full-force this year are the cat-eye frames. Dolabany designed a few frames to catch your customer’s eyes by following trends of what the consumers want. Some are more subtle and others are sure to make your customer stand out in a crowd!

Dolabany has many cat-eye frames, but today we are going to share with you our top 3 choices.


Dolabany Allison Blue
Allison is produced with a high-quality, thick, clear acetate. Its prominent, cat-eye shape is eye-catching and adds a feminine flair to your customer’s eyewear look. Allison is available in optimal shades of orange-brown, indigo blue, olive green, as well as, crystal clear and solid black.


This striking cat-eye shape frame is crafted with four different pieces of acetate material fused together by hand to create a unique, extravagant color-scheme. Help set your customer apart from the crowd by showcasing this exclusive style and design.


Dolabany Eyewear Fabia Red

The Fabia is a stunning cat-eye frame produced with our premium acetate. The Fabia pairs a jewel-toned translucent frame-front with leopard-patterned temples.

Translucent or Clear Frames

Translucent frame colors are clear winners this year. While untinted clear still remains a huge hit, it’s the tinted translucent frames that are currently catching womens eyes. The translucent frames almost act as a neutral and pair well with most outfits: a great classic to add  into any wardrobe.


The Bailey offers a bold, oversized look with a thick-rimmed frame that pays homage to the retro trend. Bailey is available in four translucent colors Green, Blue, Crystal, and Tan along with some traditional colors as well.


Translucent acetate plays with light and color for a dramatic effect in the Denton Frame. The pronounced cat-eye shape uses beautiful colors and flare to make a bold eyewear statement. The Denton is not for the conservative eyeglass-wearer.


Dolabany Louiza Plum

With a petite, modified round shape, the Louiza frame celebrates the popular style with a light, thin, translucent acetate with very vibrant colors. We have release some new shades of emerald green, sky blue, warm plum to go along with beige crystal and traditional black.

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