From young to old, May is Healthy Vision Month! What specials are you running to get more people into your store?

Taking care of your eyes is a priority, as you already know. But do you patients know how important it is to get an annual eye exam? Do they know to have a comprehensive eye exam, you need to dilate their eyes?

Unless you dilate their eyes, you won’t see what is going on in the backside of the eyes. Dilation opens up the pupils to check for common vision problems and eye diseases that can be lingering. Early detection and timely treatment of eye disease are key ways to prevent vision loss and blindness. Many people at risk for vision loss do not know it, and millions of people living in the United States have undetected vision problems and eye diseases.

Prevent Vision Loss

Some eye conditions can cause vision loss and even blindness. These include

Other eye conditions, such as refractive errors, which happen when the shape of your eye doesn’t bend light correctly, are common problems easily corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery. An estimated 11 million Americans aged 12 years and older could see better if they used corrective lenses, or eye surgery, if appropriate.

Promote Healthy Vision

Many people take their eyes for granted. Here are several ways to help keep healthy vision:

During Healthy Vision Month, you should be spreading the word on how essential it is to get an eye exam. Share it on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – whatever social platforms you use! The more people you convince to come in for a comprehensive eye exam, the better. Not only will this help you and your bottom line, but imagine how you can help someone change their life!