Mark Dolabany, founder and CEO of Best Image Optical, Inc., will be instructing an ABO credited course on online marketing strategies for the independent eye care business at the Opticians Association of Massachusetts (OAM) Annual Fall Education Conference November 9th 2014.

Many independent eye care businesses today are in search of new ways to stay ahead of their competition, competition which includes online eyewear retailers. Instead of looking at the internet as a threat, small businesses need to look at the internet as an advocate. The internet is the new medium of attracting foot traffic to the brick and mortar business.

These concerns were brought to the attention of Mark Dolabany while on the road visiting his own customers, independent eye care business owners. He found that more and more the conversation would turn to the internet and how to promote eye care services on different social media platforms. Mark found himself sharing his own experiences with them and what had produced real results for him. He would provide them with easy ways to increase their exposure on the net that would drive consumers to their business. His objective was to help the independent remain competitive with tactics that had worked for his own independent frame company.

Eventually, these tips turned to videos that he would publicize to reach a bigger audience, to reach more of his customers. He wanted to help more independents succeed in an industry that needed a little motivation to turn to the internet for increased exposure. In just a few months, he was able to develop an ABO accredited course and partner with the OAM to speak at 2014’s Fall Education Conference.

In just one hour, Mark will provide an introduction on cost-effective strategies that have been proven to produce real results to promote the independent eye care business on the internet. By taking such a course at the OAM’s Fall Education Conference, as opposed to taking a class or consultation anywhere else, the eye care business owner is saving hundreds of dollars in addition to receiving continued education courses and improving their business. The idea is for the small business to reach out to their local community through simple, low-cost mediums. The seminar will touch upon the following:

These marketing strategies were put together to help the independent eye care business owner increase their revenue dramatically without needing an extravagant budget to do so. To register for the OAM course, “Cost-Effective Online Marketing Strategies for the Eyecare Business,” given by Mark Dolabany November 9th, 2014, visit or email for more information.

About Mark Dolabany: Mark Dolabany is not only the founder and CEO of Best Image Optical, an optical wholesale distributor, he is the designer of three eyewear collections: Dolabany, Mario Galbatti, Plume Paris.