Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the office has taken extra precautions with our inventory to make sure our facilities and personnel work and handle frames in a sanitary environment. Such precautions include, but are not limited to, regularly sanitizing individual work areas, personnel wearing masks and gloves when handling packages, and regularly washing hands.

Once customers receive and handle our product, we recommend avoiding any chemicals or solutions that may contain harsh compounds when sanitizing the frames. Some chemicals are safe to use on frames but this raises two concerns:

  1. Will hand application of the cleaning product reach every part and gap of the frame, such as the spaces around the nose pads, the spaces around the hinges, and the space between the demo lens and the frame eye-rim?
  2. We expect customers are sanitizing their offices and product more often than usual. What effect will this repetitive cleaning have on frames? Another element to consider is the fact that frames are produced in several types of materials, such as TR-90, that will react differently to cleaning solutions.

Therefore, our recommendation of a good and safe cleaning process is to soak the frames in a mixture of water and soap for about 1 to 1½ hours. While in the water, quickly and gently wipe down the frame with a soft cloth or towel to assure all surfaces have been cleaned. Lastly, rinse and dry the frames before returning them to the dispensary.

Another option that is available to sanitize frames, though more costly, is the recent UV machine that has been introduced to the market. The machines treat one dozen frames at a time in under a minute.

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