Hard to believe that this time last year, almost the entire world was on “lock-down” because of COVID. We also had to shut down for a bit, but we have come back stronger than ever. During the down-time, we were able to come up with ideas for some of our new releases. We’d love to know your thoughts on these!


Dolabany Dubuque Multi Demi

Our Peace model frame has been replaced by its “offspring,” Dolabany Dubuque. The modified round frame continues to be requested for its subtle retro look. As always, Dubuque also has our signature keyhole bridge and real rivets. We have Dubuque in several trending translucent colors, and more colors will be available later this season. Look for Dubuque on the brand’s new image campaign and Invision Magazine. Size: 49-19-145



Dolabany Minster Sky
As part of our Dolabany Essentials category, the Minster is one of our best sellers. And for this reason, we have revamped it with new signature collection colors. Don’t forget; we offer a polarized sun-clip for Dolabany Minster as well. Size: 51-19-145


A series of frames will be released this spring and summer 2021 that utilizes a similar production technique as the Arista frame. This cat-eye shape is produced with 3-4 distinct acetate slabs fused to create eclectic colorways. The 1st back layer is one of our signature colors, the demi pattern. The 2nd layer comprises another demi pattern on top and a translucent color for the bottom half. The layers are then sealed with a light translucent color. These frames are absolutely eye-catching, and our new lineup of styles will offer a unique selection of eyewear for our customers. Size: 55-18-140


Dolabany Kendall Blue

This beautiful, butterfly-shaped frame, Kendall, is a stylish combination of stainless steel and is adorned with a colorful Zyl at the browline.  We also added a hint of blue to the Zyl to give the frame a little shimmer to the wearer’s look. Size: 54-17-140


Dolabany John Sky

From the Dolabany Essentials list, one of our biggest sellers is being refreshed with 2 new translucent colors, Sky and Tan. John has been extremely successful in the men’s Tan category since its release. At size 54, the acetate rectangular frame is lenient enough to fit a slightly wider profile with extended end pieces. Size: 54-17-145


Dolabany Lewis Ebony Syrup

With the success of larger models, such as John and Vincent, Dolabany realizes the need for more styles in this category. Those wearers that require a larger size should not have to sacrifice style. Therefore, Lewis has been released this season, and there are more styles to come this spring/summer 2021 to fit this category. Size: 56-18-150


Dolabany Tracy Brown

There is something about women’s oversized frames, and they are coming back in style. They offer comfort and style to the wearer. Model Tracy is no exception. This modified rectangular profile is giving us a 1980’s librarian aesthetic with provocative color combinations and patterns. Size: 53-17-140

Firenze Occhiali


Firenze Occhiali Sarteano Smoke

Our family of independent brands includes Firenze Occhiali, eyewear handcrafted in Italy. This season, we have added Sarteano to the bold collection. The classically-designed rectangular frame is produced with high-quality Italian Zyl. Size: 52-18-145


Dolabany Sun Ohio Grey

Segmented as Dolabany Sun, the collection celebrates the brand’s signature fusion of mid-century style and modern finishes with a small selection of Sunwear. Model Ohio (Rx-able) is a retro-inspired round profile available in 2 eye-catching colors, grey and butterscotch. Size: 47-24-145


Dolabany Sun Erie Black

Model Erie (Rx-able) is a large rectangular shape with an aviator double bridge. Dolabany’s Sunwear collection features polarized lenses and 100% UV protection. Dolabany Eyewear guest-stared in ABC’s Series, Scandal. Size: 53-16-145