A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about the inspiration behind the frame…


“The idea behind our ‘Lattice’ frame came to me while visiting a clothing vintage shop in Biscayne Bay, Florida. While there, the vintage collector who wears Dolabany frames showed our team this beautiful pink Victorian style lace dress from the 1930’s in mint condition as an option to use it for our new Dolabany photo shoot coming up later this year.

This pink lace dress was full of details without coming across as “too much” – a perfect balance that sometimes as designers we willfully forget. After being inspired by the dresses’ interlaced design, the word “lattice’ came to mind. The ‘Lattice’ frame needed to be simple in design while highlighting a contrasting pattern. Other patterns that inspired the ‘Lattice’ frame were Damask, Flames, and Victorian.


“The first color I thought of for the ‘Lattice’ frame was mauve. It came to me after spending a couple of hours at the vintage clothing shop looking at lacy pink frost fabric all morning. I preferred a hot pink color but it might have been a tad much keeping in mind I was trying to avoid the designer’s guilt of having “too much” going on. Other colors that came to mind for the ‘Lattice’ were a bright beige and brown. Each color carries a frost shimmer on an 80% opacity color zyl.


“The ‘Lattice’ frame was designed with a modern outlook. I wanted a rectangular chic shaped frame to add some versatility to our Dolabany Summer 2012 collection. ”