All businesses try to portray their message, their image, their mission, their brand in a way people will remember. And because Best Image Optical cares about the well-being and growth of their Eye Care Professionals’ practices, the company is offering to help them establish their presence on the web.

With the explosion of the internet over the last decade, specifically social media, businesses have grown exponentially when marketed properly.

From social media, articles, press releases, emails, blogs, websites, photo sharing, there are hundreds of avenues a business can choose from, however, which is best? Which will have the most impact? The answer? Videos.

Owned by Google, is the web’s most popular video sharing website and the fourth most popular site overall. Adding videos to one’s repertoire of marketing tools can lead to a huge upsurge in site traffic.

“You would be surprised the amount of exposure that can be generated. It’s as simple as uploading a short film or pictures from a smart phone and posting to the site of choice,” says Best Image Optical’s Marketing Director Doralice Rodriguez.

Nothing can take the place of visual stimulation. Internet users are said to have “IADD”, or Internet Attention Deficit Disorder. All this really means is that the consumer is hit in every direction with product offers, tweets, posts, ads, and the like. However, nothing can catch the attention of the consumer for a few moments better than a video message.

Think about it, how often one take the time to read a really LONG article. Maybe 5% of the total time spent on the internet. However, when is the last time a 60-second video was watched? Well according to internet insiders, 62% of online users average 9 sixty-second videos a week. That is significant, and an opportunity all businesses must seize upon.

Nothing, can brand a product or service better than a well crafted, informative internet video, especially for companies in the eye care industry. Eye care professionals have the difficult task, like many other industries, of competing with chain-stores. Companies that have large budgets and are able to produce large-scale commercials, often times offer little for the consumer.

In competing with the “chains” and bargain basement pricing, eye care professionals can turn to video marketing to ensure their share of the marketplace. It allows eye care professionals to portray their image. Such as:

Qualifications of eye care providers at the facility & Specialty eye exams.

Eyewear selection and quality of the office/store.

Upgraded services: examinations & procedures with help from specific health insurances.

Displayed years of service, awards, and credentials.

The customers served: children, teens, adults, seniors.

Your brand, your message, your logo, your professionalism.

Eye care professionals, like in so many other industries, want the opportunity to participate in a highly-competitive market. Now the playing field can be leveled. With 330 million Americans, and 80% of them online, one has the ability to reach an audience through the power of the internet and video like never before. A company’s message can be seen by the masses without having a store-chain’s budget. The opportunity to compete is now.

There is an amazing special for eye care professionals happening right now. Best Image Optical would like to extend a FREE service and offer to their active customers. Simply by providing them with company info, pictures, logos, taglines, and one video can be created for FREE! This is a limited-time offer, and many are seizing this opportunity. Email Best Image Optical’s Marketing Department right now to get the details & see firsthand the power of video and how it can relate to the Eye Care Professional.

About the company:
Best Image Optical is a wholesale optical company that provides the eyewear collections Dolabany, Plume Paris, and Mario Galbatti to eyecare professionals and eyecare retailers. To see what Best Image Optical can offer to the eyecare professional, visit