Plume Paris brand site is up!

Our Plume Paris site is finally up. We’ve taken our time with this website as we’ve included a lot of interactive features. The site focuses on the love we have of our brand. To celebrate that love, we are accepting pictures of you wearing Plume Paris glasses that will be featured in the “Plume Lovers Gallery” […]

Best Image takes on fashion on Tumblr

Every Tuesday is Tumblr Tuesday at Best Image Optical. The eyewear… company, home of The Dolabany Collection, Mario Galbatti, and Plume Paris is strengthening its social media hold by joining Tumblr. Through Tumblr – a blog posting site – Best Image Optical will introduce two different Tumblr sites: (eye)style : Vintage vs. Retro: The (eye)style Tumblr […]

How to win against the economy?

Tips and Guidelines for an Eye Care Professional. Are lower per-sale revenues affecting your practice? Do what some successful practitioners do: Remain flexible to combat profit leaks. Here are some successful tips/guidelines that may improve your sales: Competitive lenses: As more patients cut back on what they’re willing to spend on eyewear (especially on the […]

Our brands featured online in the best sites

Optical Vision Resources: Optical Vision Resources have shared their eyewear picks for their 2012 Eyewear Color Trends posts. Colors include: Turquoise, Yellow, Olive, Hot Pink, Chocolate Brown, and Teal. View their postings below: Turquoise: Brown and Yellow: Olive: Pink: Teal and Chocolate: Eyecessorize: The Eyecessorize Blog from The Vision Council has posted  fashionable style articles […]

(eye)’m Inspired: Ring by Plume Paris

A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame: Concept “Vintage inspired eyewear is such a hot look in the eyewear business. However, too many eyewear designers focus vintage/retro eyewear with acetate materials. So, for ‘Ring’ from Plume Paris Eyewear I wanted to create a unisex stainless steel metal frame […]

Celebrating a Decade of Style

Plume Paris Eyewear inspired by European culture, celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its popular frame: Plume Paris ‘Loop’. Withstanding the test of time and fashion, the ‘Loop’ frame has become one of the bestselling frames for the brand. Characterized by its simplicity, elegance, and uniqueness the ‘Loop’ stands apart from frames that come and go. This spring-hinged […]

(eye)’m inspired: Dolabany’s ‘Clover’

‘Clover’ by the Dolabany Eyewear Collection in Tiger Black… A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame: Concept “Creating retro eyewear is truly gratifying for me. When I get to design them I always start with a round frame. For this style: ‘Clover’, I wanted to create a smaller […]

Dress for Success – Do clothes make the ECP?

According to a business analyst at Image Dynamics, 55% of another… person’s perception is based on how you look. So, what is proper attire for a professional optical dispensary? The majority opinion of successful Eye Care Professionals is this: For Men A collared shirt, either a dress shirt or a polo shirt, clean and pressed. Trousers […]

(eye)’m inspired: Mario Galbatti’s MG-142 frame inspired by…

Mario Galbatti – MG 142 in M. Brown/Bronze… A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame: Concept “The Mario Galbatti eyewear collection is linked with confidence. So, when designing a frame for the collection I wanted to showcase confidence even in the details of the frame. This time around, […]

(eye)Tips: Can merchandising really boost sales?

In a word, the answer is “Yes.” Merchandising is an invaluable… business tool for competitive optical dispensaries. Today’s eyewear market is so competitive; therefore displays that capture the attention of the consumer are critical. They draw that consumer to your dispensary’s brands. Solid merchandising plans can give your location even more credibility in the marketplace and […]