The Vision Council’s New Research on Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain, also known as, Computer Vision Syndrome, is eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader, and cell phone use. With an increase in digital technology today, more than half of American adults suffer from physical discomfort after only two hours of screen time. Research shows that the level of pain appears to increase with prolonged use time as well.

The average American worker spends seven hours a day on the computer either in the office or working from home. The most common symptoms associated with Digital Eye Strain are listed below, along with the percentage of people affected:

  • 32.4% report Eyestrain
  • 27.7% report Headaches
  • 27.9% report blurred vision
  • 27.2% report dry eyes
  • 35% report neck and shoulder pain

What Causes Digital Eye Strain?

Viewing a computer or digital screen makes the eyes work harder because of the “blue light.” As a result, the unique characteristics and high visual demands of computer and digital screen device viewing make people susceptible to the development of vision-related issues.

Uncorrected vision problems can increase the severity of Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain symptoms.

Viewing a computer or digital screen is different than reading a printed page. The letters on the computer are not as precise or sharply defined, the level of contrast of the letters to the background is reduced, and the presence of glare and reflections on the screen make viewing difficult.

Viewing distances and angles used for this type of work are also often different from those commonly used for other reading or writing tasks. As a result, the eye focusing and eye movement requirements for digital screen viewing can place additional demands on the visual system.

Uncorrected Minor Vision Problems

The presence of even minor vision problems can often significantly affect comfort and performance while using digital screen devices. Uncorrected or under corrected vision problems can be major contributing factors to computer-related eyestrain.

Even people who have an eyeglass or contact lens prescription may find it’s not suitable for the specific viewing distances of their computer screen. Some people tilt their heads at odd angles because their glasses aren’t designed for looking at a computer. Or they bend toward the screen to see it more clearly. Their posture begins to fail and can result in muscle spasms or pain in the neck, shoulder, or back.

Are You at Risk?

In most cases, symptoms of Digital Eye Strain occur because the visual demands of the task exceed the visual abilities of the individual to perform them comfortably. At most considerable risk for developing Digital Eye Strain are those who spend two or more continuous hours at a computer or using a digital screen device every day. According to a 2015 survey by The Vision Council, 65% of American adults reported having symptoms of digital eye strain. 

Justin Bazan, optometrist and medical adviser to The Vision Council, believes consumers and eyecare professionals have reason to be concerned about this growing trend.

“Based on my experience and research, the light emitted from screens may be linked to issues with sleep, not to mention recurrent headaches, issues seeing content on a screen, and red, itchy and dry eyes,” said Dr. Bazan. “Regardless of whether my patients are experiencing these problems associated with prolonged digital device usage, it’s important for individuals to make their eye health—especially as it relates to digital eye strain—a priority. Our eyes weren’t designed to look at digital devices, let alone as much as we all do in this era. So, it’s key to be proactive about mitigating the effects of digital devices on our eyes.”

How is Digital Eye Strain treated?

Many symptoms can be alleviated by obtaining regular eye care and making changes in how people view digital screens. For those individuals who do not require the use of eyeglasses daily may benefit from glasses prescribed specifically for computer use. 

Individuals already wearing glasses may find their current prescription does not provide optimal vision for viewing a computer. Therefore they need specific lenses that can be prescribed to meet the visual demands of computer viewing.  There are special lenses that are designed to help block out the blue light, or they can get lenses that are lightly tinted.

In Closing

It is essential for us all to get regular eye check-ups, especially those that work on computers all day.  Make sure your customers are talking to their optomotrist about getting the right lenses if they work on a digital screen for more than 2 hours a day.

Dolabany Eyewear has the frames that will fit any style for your customers. We take eyewear seriously and don’t cut any corners on the manufacturing of our frames.  Be sure to check out the many different frames we have to offer.

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August is National Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month

Along with getting the kids’ school supplies and physicals, it essential that you let your customers know that now is an excellent time for them also to have their children’s eyes examed.

August is National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. One of the essential ways to ensure a successful school year is to make your child’s sight a priority.

A good rule of thumb is to have your children’s eyes examined during well-child visits, beginning around age three. Your child’s eye doctor can help detect refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. They will also be able to identify the following diseases:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (crossed eyes)
  • Ptosis (drooping of the eyelid)
  • Color deficiency (color blindness)


Also known as Lazy Eye is decreased vision that results from abnormal visual development in infancy and early childhood.

Experts say that Amblyopia is the leading cause of decreased vision among children. This condition develops when nerve pathways between the brain and the eye aren’t stimulated correctly. As a result, the brain favors one eye, usually due to poor vision in the other eye causing the brain to ignore signals from the other eye. Treatment includes eye patches, eye drops, and glasses or contacts, or sometimes surgical treatment. 



Crossed eyes is a condition in which the eyes do not line up correctly. If your child has this disorder, his or her eyes will look in different directions, and each eye focuses on a different object.

Strabismus is very common, affecting four percent of children age 6 and younger. Nobody knows why some children are born with this condition, but it does tend to be hereditary. Crossed eyes can usually be corrected with eyeglasses and sometimes surgery.



Ptosis describes drooping of one or both eyelids and can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired. Ptosis can cause amblyopia, astigmatism, or permanent disfigurement if left untreated.

Some known causes of droopy eyelids are due to weak eyelid muscles, cranial nerve palsies, recurring infections, tumors of the eyelid or orbit, or even thyroid disease. If a virus causes the Ptosis, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. And if Ptosis is more severe, the child may require surgery to correct the eyelid position.


Color Blindness

Color blindness is inherited caused by abnormal photopigments. These color-detecting molecules are located in cone-shaped cells within the retina, called cone cells. In humans, several genes are needed for the body to make photopigments, and defects in these genes can lead to color blindness.

There are three main kinds of color blindness, based on photopigment defects in the three different types of cones that respond to blue, green, and red light. Red-green color blindness is the most common, followed by blue-yellow color blindness. A complete absence of color vision, know as total color blindness, is rare.

Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for color blindness. Contact lenses and glasses are available with filters to help color deficiencies if the child and parents agree that it is best for the child.


Dolabany Children’s Eyewear

Dolabany has several frames made specifically for children: the Chef, Designer, Surgeon, and the Optician. All of these frames are made of TR-90. The features of our TR-90 material are ideal for the active lives of our children.

TR-90 is flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), and lightweight (ideal for pressure points at the temples and nose).


The Dolabany Chef


Sizes: 45-17-135, B29, ED46

Colors:  Matte Navy/Sky, M.Demi/Mint, Matte Brown, Plum Orange, S. Blush Stripe, Ebony Stripe, Purple, Red, Brown, Black, Navy, Pink, Blue Stripe, Sienna Stripe, Violet Stripe, S. Brown Demi, Burgundy Black, Cobalt Fade, S. Olive Stripe, Wine Fade, Hidden Forest, Desert Storm, Matte Black


The Dolabany Designer


Sizes:  48-15-135, B33 mm, ED50 mm

Colors:  Grey, Demi Amber, Navy, Brown


The Dolabany Surgeon


Sizes:  48-17-135, B35 mm, ED47 mm

Colors:  Black, Teal, Red, Brown


The Dolabany Optician


Sizes:  45-18-135. B40 mm, ED46 mm

Colors:  Blue, Brown, Black, Demi Amber


We hope that you have enjoyed our blog and learned a little bit more about National Children’s Eye Health and Safety! Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?

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Summer 2019 Dolabany New Releases

Can you believe it is the middle of July already!  Where is the summer going? How is the eyewear business?

Many people are not thinking about upgrading their glasses right now because they are out enjoying their summer with family and friends.  However, now is an excellent time for your customers to be coming in and checking out our new releases!

We have added several new frames and, due to popular demand, many of our top-selling frames have new colors being released!

Kids (or Petite) TR-90

Just in time for summer vacation and the upcoming back-to-school season, Dolabany Eyewear has added three new styles to their line of Kids TR-90 frames.  Dolabany Eyewear TR-90 Kids has been a trendy extension of the brand.

The frame material syncs perfectly with the active lifestyles of our little ones. The colors and shapes are bright and eye-catching, while their style names are inspiring and playful.


These awesome rectangle frames are great for any face frame, and boys and girls alike!  With the TR-90 material, you can’t go wrong with these frames for any active child. The Dolabany Designer frames come in 4 different colors: Grey, Demi Amber, Navy, and Brown.



The Optician frame is a slightly oversized round frame and is great for little girls to make a statement with their glasses.  And thanks to the TR-90 material, mom’s and dad’s won’t have to worry about them getting broken in the gym or during playtime!  The Dolabany Optician frames come in 4 different colors as well: Blue, Brown, Black, and Demi Amber.



How many little kids dream of becoming doctors or surgeons when they grow up? The TR-90 is remarkably durable and flexible, which allows for the frames to withstand most “accidents” that may happen. These Surgeon frames are going to be a massive hit because of their dual colors!  The Dolabany Surgeon frames also come in 4 different colors: Black, Teal, Red, and Brown.

On a side note, all of the Dolabany Kids’ frames have proven to be successful in the petite adult category as well!


Men’s TR-90

Dolabany Eyewear is also adding to their adult TR-90 styles with the introduction of the Dolabany Biloxi.  


TR-90 allows for an extremely comfortable, all-day wear. The material is an ultra-lightweight material, more so than any acetate frame, and possesses a rubber-like texture that almost makes the glasses feel like they are not being worn. TR-90 frames have become the pair of eyeglasses that an individual can wear on an everyday basis for lengthy periods without getting those irritating aches at the temples and pain around any other pressure points.  The TR-90 material is also hypoallergenic for those that may receive a skin reaction from acetate frames. Moreover, it is a simple solution to those who love wearing glasses but do not necessarily want to feel like they are wearing a bulky pair of frames.

On the other hand, the word “lightweight” should not imply fragility. The TR-90 is remarkably durable. Its flexibility allows for the frames to withstand most “accidents” for those that have an active lifestyle. Or for those that are merely prone to misfortune when it comes to their fragile eyeglasses. These frames are hard to break or distort, which is an advantage to most opticians as they do not need adjustments. Their resilience also allows for their resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, an optician can decide for either hot or cold lens inserts, which is a bonus. 


These rectangular frames are sure to be a big hit amongst the active men!  No need to worry about switch out their glasses (or even go without) when they go to the gym or play tennis!  These TR-90 frames are so durable! The Dolabany Biloxi comes in 4 different color frames that the men are going to love! Black, Navy, Brown, and Demi Amber.


Retro-Inspired:  Limerick and Passage   

Going with our “old world” design and workmanship, Dolabany Eyewear releases the Limerick and Passage frames.  Dolabany Eyewear is known for its retro-inspired styles, and these new frames are sure to “bring you back.”  Classic, mid-century eyewear fashion is reimagined with Dolabany Eyewear’s signature colors, materials, and accent details.  

All of Dolabany’s frames are vintage recreations and are all made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges.   Limerick and Passage will join the ranks of Pueblo, Arnold, Sparta, Babylon, and Baxter as Dolabany Eyewear’s staple timeless classic styles.

Dolabany Limerick


Dolabany Passage

Sun-Clip:  Arnold

Since introducing the Pueblo, Sardi, and Sparta sun-clips, there has been a high demand for the sun-clip in other styles, and we are here to make the supply for the demand! The black metal sun-clip with grey polarized lenses is now available for the Dolabany Arnold


Sun-clips for several models in the collection are also in production and will be available later this year, so be on the lookout!


New Colors:  Fabia, Kabelo, and Sparta

The following models have proven to be best-sellers, so much so, that Dolabany Eyewear has had to restock their inventory several times to keep up with the demands. And now to capitalize on these frames successes, new colors have been released for: and

Fabia – Ebony White

 Kabelo – Black

Sparta – Ebony Syrup





We hope that you have enjoyed our blog! We hope that you are enjoying your summer!

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What is The Difference Between Acetate and TR90 Frames?

We choose frames because we like the style and how they look on our face. Acetate and TR90 frames are close in comparison on their look, but there are a few characteristics that separate the two types of frames. We are going to share the features of the TR90 and Acetate frames to help you choose the right frame for your customers.

Acetate Frames

Acetate material was first used for eyewear in the late 1940s because of brittleness and other problems with previously used plastics and has become widely used for eyeglasses in the industry.

Cellulose acetate also has the most extensive range for transparency, vibrant colors, and finishes. More complex acetate eyewear can be produced by layering several colors or transparencies and “sandwiching” them together.

Cellulose acetate is a cotton-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. So if your customer has a known allergy to plastics or metals, acetate is more than a viable option for for them.

Here are a few of our newest and most popular Acetate frames:

Dolabany Arnold in color Tokyo Tortoise

The line’s retro-inspired models are made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges.   The Dolabany model, Arnold, is a prime example of the brand’s successful retro looks for both men and women.  It has become the line’s best-seller in this category. The Arnold has recreated one of the most iconic looks of the 1950s and continues to be on-trend today. (Sun-Clip Available)

Dolabany Pueblo in color Blue Multi

The traditional, P3 shape continues to return each season due to its popularity.  Pueblo is a vintage-inspired look recreated by Dolabany, produced with premium zyl, real-rivets, multi-barrel hinges, and a keyhole bridge.  Look for this style in 24 colors and three sizes. (Sun-Clip available)

Dolabany Fabia in color Ebony/White

The Dolabany Fabia is a modified round shape also produced with premium acetate.  The bold, black and white, tortoiseshell pattern is a fun, flirty pick for summer frames.  The Fabia is also available in vibrant red, green, blue and purple


TR90 Frames

TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Frames made with TR90 are extremely comfortable. Since they are flexible, they can bend under pressure and contour your customer’s face comfortably.

Because of the TR90 frame’s flexibility, it also makes them resilient to damage. The TR90 frames are made for active adults and kids alike. Since the material is pliable, they are far less likely to break or bend from impact.

With its rubber-like texture and matte finish, it might be hard to imagine this material as the emerging superstar from the Dolabany collection. However, it is those seemingly ordinary features that have contributed to its success. The TR90 models by Dolabany offer comfort, durability, and style to the consumer.

And most remarkable of all, TR90 glasses are supremely lightweight. The TR-90 material allows for an extremely comfortable, all-day wear. Because it’s an ultra-lightweight material, more so than any acetate frame, and possesses a rubber-like texture, the consumer will feel like they aren’t even wearing glasses.

For those that have sensitive skin, the TR90 frames would also make a good alternative.  The TR-90 material is hypoallergenic for those that may receive a skin reaction from acetate or metal frames.

Here are a few of our TR90 frames:


Dolabany Sardi in color Brown/Blonde

Though all of Dolabany’s TR-90 models maintain similar qualities, the Dolabany Sardi seems to have trumped them all. Its success can be accredited to the design and structure of the frame. An idyllic shape and size were achieved when the model was first conceived as many different face profiles can enjoy the benefits of the Sardi. A frame that is easy to fit on many different customers is hard to find. In addition to feeling comfortable, the Sardi adds a trendy, retro look without appearing too thick or bulky. Not to mention, there are 39 colors and three sizes to choose from.

Dolabany Samantha in color Blue Fade

The Dolabany Samantha adds bright hues and feminine flair to the TR-90 line. With it’s subtle cat-eye shape to the popular, lightweight material the women are going to love the look and feel of these frames.




Dolabany Chef in color Hidden Forest

Dolabany Optician in color Black

The Dolabany Chef and Optician are great frames for kids or petite sizes. The features of our TR-90 material are ideal for the active lives of our children. TR-90 is flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), and lightweight (ideal for pressure points at the temples and nose).  Kids want to make a statement too, and they can do that in the many colors we offer.



We hope that you have enjoyed our blog! Did you learn a little bit more about the Acetate and TR90 frames?  Here at Dolabany, want to help you stay informed and up-to-date with all of our current frames, along with our new releases.

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What Is The Acetate Material Used to Make Eyeglasses? | Acetate vs. Molded Plastic Frames | Acetate Eyeglass Frames Are Durable and Long-Lasting

What is the acetate material used to make eyeglasses? Cellulose acetate is a hypoallergenic, plant-based plastic, that first appeared in the late 1940s because of its durability. Today’s acetate frames are known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible.

Cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic made from natural cotton and wood fibers. While petroleum products can be more expensive and harmful to the environment, cellulose acetate is from renewable materials.

Acetate eyewear is made by forming layers of plastic into large blocks then carefully slicing individual parts, hand polishing, and assembling them into a frame.

The possibilities are endless for acetate eyeglasses. Cellulose acetate has the broadest range for transparency, vibrant colors, and finishes. An array of intricate colorations can be produced by layering several colors or transparencies in layers and melting them together.

Cellulose Acetate Frames vs. Injection Molded Plastic Frames

Cellulose acetate is hypoallergenic and made from renewable resources. Acetate frames are lightweight and very strong.  These frames are made from cutting, forming, and polishing sheets of plastic.

Injection mold frames are made by injecting a more brittle petroleum-based plastic that is liquified, then inserted into an aluminum or stainless steel mold. Colors are added through a spray application then coated and tumbled for shine.

Injection mold frames are generally less expensive; however, they are considered to be lower quality.

Acetate is stronger, flexible, and more durable than regular plastic frames, which is why we use them for eyeglasses frames. They are more resistant to pressure placed upon the frames and can bend further before breaking. Acetate is a higher quality plastic than injected molded frames.


Besides the fact that acetate frames are lightweight, they are also very durable. Acetate frames are made by forming, cutting, and polishing multiple sheets of plastic; which gives these frames their strength. Since the acetate process takes longer with the many layers coming together rather than a straightforward molding, the acetate frames are very durable.

Strength and durability are essential aspects of eyeglasses frames, especially since glasses are the lifeline for 64% of the American adult population.  Without them, some people wouldn’t be able to function, let alone read one sentence in this paragraph. Eyeglass frames are vulnerable items because an impact slightly too hard on any point on the glasses might render them obsolete. For instance, if the bridge breaks, then you have two halves which won’t stay on by themselves. If the frames surrounding the lenses break, you won’t be able to see out of one eye. In this sense, durability is essential, and acetate provides it.

Long Lasting and Affordable

Since acetate is a form of plastic, it doesn’t cost a lot to make acetate eyeglass frames. Acetate eyeglasses frames are a worthwhile investment. They provide the essentials of vision correction, but they are comfortable to wear if you need your glasses on while you are awake.

Since acetate frames are melted and molded into different eyeglass frames, the design and color of the frames won’t chip away, even after a couple of years of daily wear.

Dolabany Acetate Eyewear

Here at Dolabany, we have several frames made out of Cellulose Acetate.  We are going to share a few of our top sellers.

Dolabany Peace

The Dolabany Peace frames are modified round model eyewear produced with high-quality acetate. Note the retro stylings of a keyhole bridge and real, original rivets. The Peace frame is available in the collection’s most admired color tones: Multi Demi, Teal Demi, Amber Demi, and Brown Dusk.

Dolabany Abigail

The Dolabany Abigail frames are embedded with a hint of glitter within the acetate material that is sure to stay in place and will not fade. These two-toned frames have a subtle flare shape that adds a dramatic note to an already eye-catching style.  You can find the Abigail in a Demi Blue pattern.


Acetate glasses last longer and are stable, thanks to the plastic frame that huddles the lens inside. When choosing your new eyeglass frames, you want to be sure to select a pair of eyeglasses that is comfortable to wear, affordable, and flatters your face shape.

3 Reason NOT to Buy Prescription Glasses Online | Why can’t I buy Dolabany Eyewear online?

Online shopping has many conveniences, right? You don’t have to leave your home, and you can easily find what you need in just a few clicks. Not to mention some of the great deals you can find online. However, the internet should not be the go-to solution for purchasing prescription glasses. Online shopping might seem like a brilliant idea, but it has many disadvantages.

It is incredibly difficult to get a pair of prescription glasses to fit your unique face shape and size in a store. Can you imagine what would happen if you’re ordering online? Eyeglasses that don’t fit just right are not only an annoyance, but they can also impact the accuracy of your vision as well.

We want to share with you three reason to NOT buy your prescription glasses online to save you from the hassles of returning the eyewear that you purchased online.

Choosing The Correct Lens Options Is Important

When buying eyeglasses, the frame you choose is essential to both your appearance and your comfort when wearing glasses. Without the lenses, your eyewear would be pointless. There are numerous lens decisions you will have to make before you complete your order. But the eyeglass lenses you choose influence four factors: appearance, comfort, vision, and safety.

When it comes to your lenses, there are even more factors that you will need to consider. What kind of material (polycarbonate, high-index, or plastic) is better suited for you. What level of UV protection do you require? And whether or not to add an anti-reflective coating. If you are unsure about the benefits of each and which ones are better suited for your vision, you could end up purchasing lenses that hinder your eyesight.

A common mistake people often make when buying eyeglasses online and in the store is not spending enough time considering their choices of eyeglass lens materials, designs and coatings. To help you make this decision, you should go to an independent optician and eye care provider.

Great Vision Requires Accurate PD Measurement

The optical center of your eyeglass lenses is the part that gives you the most accurate vision, and it should be directly in front of your pupils. To determine how to place the lenses in the frames the optician needs to know the exact distance between your pupils or PD. Trying to measure the distance between your own pupils can be tricky.

If you require bifocal or progressive lenses, you really need to be seen by a professional. Trying to buy bifocals or progressive lenses takes a lot of precision measuring and explaining. If you are trying to purchase bifocals or progressive lenses online, you may end up with a pair of glasses not suited for your vision.

Getting Comfortable Eyewear

When you buy eyewear online, you are not able to “try them on for size.” How do you know how they will look on you? Are they comfortable on your face?

Many times, an experienced optician is a good judge of whether the frames you love will work for you, or not. They can also determine whether they will cause you problems once the lenses are inserted. If you require a stronger prescription, a knowledgeable optician will also be able to explain why thinner, lighter lenses will make your glasses more attractive and more comfortable.

Why can’t I buy Dolabany Eyewear online?

At Dolabany Eyewear, we believe that it is imperative for you to be prescribed eyeglasses and fitted for eyewear by an eye care professional. Therefore, we don’t sell our eyewear in the “big-box” chains, and we do not allow our collections to be sold through online retailers. We believe that eyewear should be fitted and sold in a professional and personalized environment by eye care providers

Purchasing a new pair of prescription glasses doesn’t have to be a stressful event, and we want to help you make sure you are getting the right eyewear. To find an eye care provider near you, visit our website’s Store Locator. If for any reason your local eye care provider does not carry the brand you want, that is Dolabany Eyewear and Plume Paris let us know, and we’d be more than happy to contact them for you.

Click here to search for a Dolabany representative in your area. Don’t forget to like and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up on our new releases! If you have any questions, feel free to email us here.

Should Your Customer Have a Spare Pair of Glasses? | How to Sell the Second Pair of Frames

Many consumers think that having a second pair of glasses is just silly. But when it comes down to it, accidents happen, things get lost or broken, and they get forgotten. These are all good reason for customers to have a spare pair of glasses.

Here we are going to share with you four reasons your customer should have at least one spare pair of prescription glasses.

Why Have a Second Pair Of Frames

Make the Second Pair Prescription Sunglasses

Those customers that need to wear their prescription glasses at all times and don’t have prescription sunglasses are harming their eyes when they outside. The sun’s UV rays are very hard on our eyes. According to MedicineNet, UV damage that has been linked to macular degeneration, cataracts, cancer and pterygium (a growth on the white part of the eye). It is imperative that we share this information with our consumers.

Why Your Customers May Need Eyewear Dedicated to the Computer/Office


If your customer has progressive glasses, it might be a good idea for them to have a dedicated pair of glasses for computer work. This eyewear dedicated to the computer will be single vision glasses that they can leave at their desk, and can even have computer glare protection. Having a single vision pair of glasses for the computer allows your customer to have the crispest vision while working on their computer.



Different Looks for Different Occasions

Would your customer wear jeans and a t-shirt to a board meeting, to eat at a fancy restaurant, or to a wedding? Hopefully not. We all have different outfits for different occasions, so why shouldn’t everyone have different frames for separate occasions? Perhaps they get the crystal or clear frames to wear to the office, and the bright red frames for going out on the weekends.

Accidents Happen


Not everyone wants to talk about the accidents that can happen to their glasses, but they do happen. For instance, your customer left their prescription glasses laying on the coffee table, and the new puppy decided they would make a great chew toy, or has taken them out back and buried them in the dirt. Many things can happen to prescription glasses, so it is always ideal to have a back-up or second pair, for “just in case.”



How to Sell the Second Pair of Frames


The number one secret to selling the second pair of frames to your customer is not to sell. Educate them!
As a professional eye care specialist, it is imperative that we are educating our customers as to why they should have more than one pair of eyeglass frames. We are doing them a disservice if we aren’t.

We need to be sure we are educating them and not trying to sell them. They may still walk out with just the one pair, but at least you have done your part by educating them.

How do They Know if We Don’t Tell Them

Many customers don’t realize that they can have that extra pair of frames for their computer work, or get prescription sunglasses in their favorite frame and don’t have to wear those big, bulky over the frame sunglasses.

Seal the Deal

The optometrist needs to “seal the deal.” When getting ready to close out with the patient, they say, “Here is the script for your glasses and I’m also going to give you a script for a pair of glasses that are meant specifically for the computer. You said that your eyes were tired after working on the computer for 7-10 hours a day and these lenses will provide protection against the harmful blue light from your computer and help with your eye fatigue and headaches.”

No matter what you do, the key is to remember that it’s your job to educate each patient on what is best for their eye health, care, and vision. You’re helping the patient by providing them with the best and safest eyewear for everything they do. And if you don’t tell them, how will they know?


We are committed to helping and educating all of the independent eyewear professionals out there. Here at Dolabany Eyewear, we are also committed to not selling our products on the internet. Selling frames online takes away from the personal and professional fitting of the frames.

Every face is different, and it takes a professional, licensed optician to make sure your customers are getting the right frame to fit their face. When people purchase from the big box stores, they are not getting the professional, high-quality, handmade frames that you would get from an independent eye care professional.

We would like to see you as a Dolabany representative, so please reach out to us here so that we can talk and get our frames on your shelves.

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2019 Trending Clear Crystal Transparent Eyeglass Frames | 5 Tips on How to Pull Off Crystal Frames

It doesn’t matter what you call them; crystal, clear, or transparent framed eyewear, the trending crystal eyeglass frames is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of fashion trendsetters the world over. Although crystal frames have been around for a long time, their style and relevance have resurfaced with a bang! Continue reading