Dolabany Essentials

Dolabany Essentials pay homage to classic eyewear styles of yesteryear. From vintage-inspired round to hipster-esque rectangular shapes, the segment is composed of our bestselling frames that return season after season, earning the title of Essential styles to display on your optical board.

With model release dates going as far back as 1999, their proven longevity at Dolabany Eyewear motivates us to continually replenish inventory and evolve our favorites by adding alluring color combinations. In an era where consumers have unlimited choices and are looking for more than just your “basic” black (we have that too), Dolabany offers styles with color variety and sizes. For instance, model Sardi has thirty-nine color options and three eye sizes to appeal to a comprehensive market.

Here is your list of must-have Dolabany Essentials: