Wild Roses


SIZE: 53-15-140, B38, ED50


For women, vibrantly colored cat-eyes have been released as part of a capsule collection, which include Arista, Glenda, Wish; and now, Remember Me, Thousand Kisses, and Wild Roses (sm, med, lg). Each style is a harmonious fusion of color and patterns designed for the wearer who has an affinity for bright, beautiful frames and uses their eyewear wardrobe as a form of expression. Playful, romantic names have been assigned to these flirty looks and there are more coquettish styles to come.

Note, the new phrase imprinted on the right demo lens, “I love Dolabany.” A phrase that is often said by those who truly love and appreciate their Dolabany frames. These frames were designed for them.









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53-15-140, B38, ED50


Aqua Demi, Blue Demi, Green Demi, Red Demi