Happy Thanksgiving | Celebrating Thanksgiving with New Releases from Dolabany

As the year winds down and the holiday a quickly approaching, we would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

To celebrate the 2019 holiday season, we would like to introduce to you and your customers our new releases!


Get ready to play with color this winter season with our Acetate frames. Dolabany Eyewear uses high-quality acetate to produce vibrant shades of cool blues and greens as well as fiery reds and orange.  Classically styled frames are elevated with effervescent colors, modern patterns, and translucent details. 

Dolabany Caspian

A marble effect on the Caspian frame highlights the individuality of multicolored frames with bold patterns and color combinations. The distinct marbling technique is visible in the acetate and made more notable with contrasting color schemes. The Caspian introduces this season’s line up of styles fulfilling the petite category. The model is available in colors Blue Swirl, Red Swirl, Multi Demi, Teal Demi, Beige Crystal. Size 46-18-145

Dolabany Bailey

Clear, translucent frames are still trending this year.  The Bailey rame is kicking it up a notch with a hint of cool blue to match the season’s chill. The Bailey frame offers a bold, oversized look with a thick-rimmed frame that pays homage to the retro trend.  Bailey is available in three translucent colors (Green, Blue, Crystal) along with three traditional color schemes (Brown Dusk, Ebony Syrup, Teal Demi). Size 51-18-145

Dolabany Vartan

Natural and nude colors are prevalent in the fashion industry during the Thanksgiving season, and eyewear is undoubtedly a critical extension. Eyeglasses with neutral tones have a certain air of elegance and unassuming beauty. Look for the Beige Crystal in the Vartan model and throughout Dolabany collection.  The Vartan frames are available in translucent Beige Crystal, opaque colors Blue, Green, along with our traditional colors Ebony Syrup, Brown Dusk. Size 49-20-145


Dolabany Zabel

For the ultimate, eye-catching look, the petite Zabel frame offers a stunning, cherry red, cat-eye shape. The solid red with a unique, speckled-pink pattern is sure to catch the eyes of passerby’s. The Zabel frames are also available in other fun and striking color schemes: Red, Green, Multi Demi, Ebony White, Teal Demi. Size 49-15-138

Dolabany Allen

The demand for retro-inspired, round frames continues to grow and continues to be proven by our best-seller, the Pueblo. The petite Allen model is a classic, round style only available in Dolabany Eyewear’s signature color schemes: Black Crystal, Brown Dusk, Crystal, Ebony Syrup. Size 47-21-145


With those five new acetate releases, we also want to introduce you to our newest TR-90 frame. TR-90 is an ultra-lightweight material, more so than any acetate frame, that possesses a rubber-like texture that almost makes the glasses feel like they are not even on your face. 

The TR-90 frames are eyeglasses that an individual can wear on an everyday basis for lengthy periods without getting those irritating aches at the temples and pain around any other pressure points.  The TR-90 material is also hypoallergenic for those that may receive a skin reaction from acetate or metal frames.

 TR-90 is remarkably durable, and its flexibility allows for the frames to withstand most “accidents” for those that inhibit an active lifestyle. TR-90 frames are also great for those that are prone to misfortune when it comes to fragile eyeglasses. 

These frames are hard to break or distort, which is an advantage to most opticians as they do not need adjustments. Their resilience also allows for their resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, an optician can decide for either hot or cold lens inserts. 

Let us introduce you to the newest TR-90 eyeglass frame:

Dolabany Abilene

This new and unique adult-sized Dolabany Abilene frame is being released this season to diversify the selection of frames made in the popular TR-90 material. The Abilene has been added to the line of TR-90 styles to incorporate a more profound, square frame shape.  The oversized profile portrays the coveted “hipster” look using lightweight material. Abilene is available in colors: Navy, Brown Beige, Crystal, Matte Black. Size 51-19-138


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From our family here at Dolabany, we want to wish you and yours a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!