Eyewear Trends for 2020

We hope that your 2020 has started on the right foot so far! Here at Dolabany, we have been super busy making new frames and helping our retailers make sure they have the right amount of stock for the trends of 2020.

Today we are going to share with you the top five trends for 2020 to make sure you are ready for an amazingly busy year!

Red Frames

The red frames exuberant color that is not asking to be hidden from the crowd. These sweet-colored women’s eyeglasses are hip and bold, a perfect choice for a fashionista.

For a bold fashion statement, we recommend a more radical red cat-eye frame. If your skin color is a darker shade, the red cat-eye glasses can be very sexy and beautiful. 

Red ultimately gives your customer a sexy and mysterious look giving them a more confident look. Red frame wearers usually want to be perceived as powerful, bold, and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Metal Frames

Many people choose metal eyeglass frames because they can be more subtle, smaller, and are lighter weight than the acetate (plastic) frames. Metal eyeglass frames are designed to fit smaller noses. For those with a small nose, plastic frames tend to slide down your nose. Metal frames come with soft, adjustable nose pads to keep them from sliding down your nose. 

For a more professional approach, you can go with metal round eyeglasses, though any shape in a lightweight metal option will be admired this year. 

For a look that’s too cool for school, try a pair of prescription navigators in a bold, golden color. Many celebrities are wearing a double-bridge aviator-inspired style without a prescription, because it gives a fresh, cool allure, with a shape that is so against-the-current.


According to Larisa Ginzburg, those who have a penchant for aviators are quite the adventurers. “If you’re a fan of the aviator frame, chances are you’ve always been a risk-taker. Just like you, this style is classic, but not concerned with respecting the rules and will stand out in its modern reinterpretations…” If you’ve got a pair of aviators, you’re the kind of person whose presence will be felt. When you enter a room, people notice you.

Tortoise Shell Frames

Tortoise shell glasses in unique patterns are your best option if you want to stay in tune with the current eyewear trends. These frames are also known as “horn-rimmed glasses.” The color of these frames replicated the speckled look of real turtle shells. It’s a similar pattern of yellow and brown shell spots. This style of color is reminiscent of 50s vintage styles, Dolabany’s specialty, that will make your glasses very versatile with any outfit you choose.

Tortoise shell frames make these timeless styles wearable for men or women, in options with or without prescription lenses. While still available in traditional silhouettes, the tortoise shell pattern has been adapted to fresh, new 21st-century designs, such as in the Arnold frames below.

There are so many color palettes of this trendy pattern that you will be sure to find the perfect one for your skin tone and hair! Light blue or teal shades look amazing in tortoiseshell combinations. Teal is particularly great for brown eyes, as it really makes them stand out.

The best thing about tortoise shell frames is that they work for all tastes, for men and women, and with every season.

Blue Colored Frames

According to 20/20 Magazine, the color of 2020 is blue-colored frames. Peaceful and professional, different shades of blue frames can work well for nearly anyone. Blue-colored frames are an excellent choice for both men and women in professional and casual settings. 

If you’re a calm and quiet person, you might also go for blue. Blue evokes trust, loyalty, and confidence. Wear blue if you want to look and feel confident.


Clip-on sunglasses maximize the money your customer has already invested in their prescription glasses by transforming them into prescription sunglasses.


While this option didn’t use to be nearly as stylish as prescription sunglasses, clip-on sunglasses are trendy. These smart specs let you pair your prescription glasses with clip-on sunglasses, offering an excellent alternative for transitional lenses and allowing you to get RX vision and eliminating the need to pay for pricey prescription sunglasses.

Dolabany has released the Sun Clip for our most popular frame, the Sardi. The Polarized Sardi Clip-On has the standard metal clip-on, which is small metal prongs on either side, that magnetize to the screws in the hinges. They are flexible, making them easy to put on the frames. We also carry this Clip-On in all three sizes to go with the three sizes of the Sardi Frame.

Dolabany has twelve different sun clip-ons available for our frames! Be sure to check the website to see our latest additions.


There we have it, the top five trends for 2020: Red Frames, Metal Frames, Tortoise Shell Frames, Blue Frames, and the Clip-Ons. We would love to hear your thoughts on what we have discovered for the 2020 Trends. Where do you think the trends are going to go this year?

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