🎄 Happy Holidays! 🎄

2021 has been another very busy, active year in the world. We appreciate that you drop by this site on a regular basis to check in with what is happening and all the new frames we have to offer! We definitely had our fair share of inspiration, thrills, and awe-inspiring moments this year, and 2022 […]

Dolabany’s New Fall/Winter Releases

Our newest releases reflect the designer, Mark Dolabany’s, passion for the craftsmanship of eyewear and a color palette that expresses the diverse culture of our Miami home base. From frame shape to materials, the attention to detail is evident in each of these seasons’ works of art. Timeless classics are remastered with bursts of color […]

Best Image Optical Introduces a 2013 Bestseller: Taden by Plume Paris

The Plume Paris eyewear collection is known for its unique, elegant frame styles. This year, Best Image Optical was able to capture the essence of the line with one frame: Taden by Plume Paris; it has become one of Plume Paris’ bestsellers.nnInspiration and creativity has always been the cornerstone of success for Plume Paris eyewear. […]

Signature Color: Black and White

          Color Trend: Black & White In both décor and fashion, black and white is a classic, clean color scheme, and it is now being applied to the most important accessory: eyewear.  The Dolabany collection utilizes this timeless color duo in an eclectic, marble pattern, named Ebony/White, throughout the eyewear line. […]

National Sunglasses Day: What You Need To Know!

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with these useful tips from Dolabany! National Sunglasses Day is an unofficial holiday that celebrates the invention of sunglasses. Sunglasses are mostly used to protect against ultraviolet rays and improve vision, but they also have many other uses, such as fashion statements. Sunglasses can be worn while driving, fishing, boating, or […]

Dolabany’s Hot New Summer Styles

Temperatures are on the rise, and so are our styles! Our newest releases reflect our designer Mark Dolabany’s passion for the craftsmanship of eyewear. The new color palettes express the diverse culture of our home base here in Miami, FL. From frame shapes down to the materials, the attention to detail is evident in each […]

Dolabany Spring 2021 New Releases

Hard to believe that this time last year, almost the entire world was on “lock-down” because of COVID. We also had to shut down for a bit, but we have come back stronger than ever. During the down-time, we were able to come up with ideas for some of our new releases. We’d love to […]

Optical Store Marketing Strategies | 5 Ways to Dominate Your Optical Marketing

We are all aware of the nuts and bolts of marketing, right? If you want to promote your optical store effectively, acquire new clients, and grow the businesses you have to market yourself. In its most basic form, there’s not a lot to it! Marketing is simply getting the word out to increase awareness of […]

Workplace Eye Wellness Month – March 2021

Shockingly, nearly 2,000 Americans visit the emergency room daily due to a workplace eye injury. During Workplace Eye Wellness Month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology reminds employers and workers about the importance of wearing certified and approved eye protection. One in ten of those 2,000 Americans visiting the E.R. will miss several days of work […]