Eyewear Trends for 2020

We hope that your 2020 has started on the right foot so far! Here at Dolabany, we have been super busy making new frames and helping our retailers make sure they have the right amount of stock for the trends of 2020.

Today we are going to share with you the top five trends for 2020 to make sure you are ready for an amazingly busy year!

Red Frames

The red frames exuberant color that is not asking to be hidden from the crowd. These sweet-colored women’s eyeglasses are hip and bold, a perfect choice for a fashionista.

For a bold fashion statement, we recommend a more radical red cat-eye frame. If your skin color is a darker shade, the red cat-eye glasses can be very sexy and beautiful. 

Red ultimately gives your customer a sexy and mysterious look giving them a more confident look. Red frame wearers usually want to be perceived as powerful, bold, and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Metal Frames

Many people choose metal eyeglass frames because they can be more subtle, smaller, and are lighter weight than the acetate (plastic) frames. Metal eyeglass frames are designed to fit smaller noses. For those with a small nose, plastic frames tend to slide down your nose. Metal frames come with soft, adjustable nose pads to keep them from sliding down your nose. 

For a more professional approach, you can go with metal round eyeglasses, though any shape in a lightweight metal option will be admired this year. 

For a look that’s too cool for school, try a pair of prescription navigators in a bold, golden color. Many celebrities are wearing a double-bridge aviator-inspired style without a prescription, because it gives a fresh, cool allure, with a shape that is so against-the-current.


According to Larisa Ginzburg, those who have a penchant for aviators are quite the adventurers. “If you’re a fan of the aviator frame, chances are you’ve always been a risk-taker. Just like you, this style is classic, but not concerned with respecting the rules and will stand out in its modern reinterpretations…” If you’ve got a pair of aviators, you’re the kind of person whose presence will be felt. When you enter a room, people notice you.

Tortoise Shell Frames

Tortoise shell glasses in unique patterns are your best option if you want to stay in tune with the current eyewear trends. These frames are also known as “horn-rimmed glasses.” The color of these frames replicated the speckled look of real turtle shells. It’s a similar pattern of yellow and brown shell spots. This style of color is reminiscent of 50s vintage styles, Dolabany’s specialty, that will make your glasses very versatile with any outfit you choose.

Tortoise shell frames make these timeless styles wearable for men or women, in options with or without prescription lenses. While still available in traditional silhouettes, the tortoise shell pattern has been adapted to fresh, new 21st-century designs, such as in the Arnold frames below.

There are so many color palettes of this trendy pattern that you will be sure to find the perfect one for your skin tone and hair! Light blue or teal shades look amazing in tortoiseshell combinations. Teal is particularly great for brown eyes, as it really makes them stand out.

The best thing about tortoise shell frames is that they work for all tastes, for men and women, and with every season.

Blue Colored Frames

According to 20/20 Magazine, the color of 2020 is blue-colored frames. Peaceful and professional, different shades of blue frames can work well for nearly anyone. Blue-colored frames are an excellent choice for both men and women in professional and casual settings. 

If you’re a calm and quiet person, you might also go for blue. Blue evokes trust, loyalty, and confidence. Wear blue if you want to look and feel confident.


Clip-on sunglasses maximize the money your customer has already invested in their prescription glasses by transforming them into prescription sunglasses.


While this option didn’t use to be nearly as stylish as prescription sunglasses, clip-on sunglasses are trendy. These smart specs let you pair your prescription glasses with clip-on sunglasses, offering an excellent alternative for transitional lenses and allowing you to get RX vision and eliminating the need to pay for pricey prescription sunglasses.

Dolabany has released the Sun Clip for our most popular frame, the Sardi. The Polarized Sardi Clip-On has the standard metal clip-on, which is small metal prongs on either side, that magnetize to the screws in the hinges. They are flexible, making them easy to put on the frames. We also carry this Clip-On in all three sizes to go with the three sizes of the Sardi Frame.

Dolabany has twelve different sun clip-ons available for our frames! Be sure to check the website to see our latest additions.


There we have it, the top five trends for 2020: Red Frames, Metal Frames, Tortoise Shell Frames, Blue Frames, and the Clip-Ons. We would love to hear your thoughts on what we have discovered for the 2020 Trends. Where do you think the trends are going to go this year?

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Start 2020 Off With the Right Marketing for Your Eyewear Business

It can be tough to market your eyewear business. In our industry, we are up against some big guns, i.e., the big box stores. They have the money and supporters behind them to spend big dollars on marketing, but we are here to tell you that you can be heard amongst all of those big box stores!

We have put together a list of three of the top, inexpensive marketing ideas to help you promote your eyewear business.

1. Social Media

Building up your social media is essential these days. Not very many people run around town without their cell phones in their hands, in their purse, or their pocket. You want to make sure that you have a Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram Account, YouTube, and even a LinkedIn account for the B2B side of your business.


On social media, you need to be sharing not only your latest deals and offers, but you should be sharing the personality of your business. Talk about the different customers you get to work with. Did something interesting happen, and you think people should know about it? These are just a few ideas you could do on your Facebook page.

You can also do Facebook ads. You’ll have to start with the Business Manager, and the site will walk you through everything else you need to know. There are many ways of doing ads on Facebook, and if you or your team don’t have time for it, you can always look into hiring a part-time social media expert.


On Instagram, you can share different frames every day, and make sure you are using hashtags to get noticed. For instance, for RED Friday, you can post a pair of your number one selling red frames and say something like, “RED Friday, Remember Everyone Deployed. We #support our #troops #military #REDFriday #remembereveryonedeployed #veterans #supportourtroops.  When people search “military” on Instagram, there is a good chance they will see your red frames because you put #military in your copy.


When it comes to Twitter, you don’t want to blast them with just pictures of your frames; you want to post compelling content to keep your followers engaged. Your Tweets should spark some conversations. Here are a few tips from Twitter themselves:

  • Keep it short and link your website or blog to the Tweet (this helps to get people to your site)
  • Use pictures to catch the eyes of the on-lookers
  • Be sure to use hashtags. Just like Instagram, but you have to remember, you are only allowed so many characters on Twitter.
  • Run a poll or ask questions. This will help get your followers engaged.
  • Retweet relevant content. This is a great way to maintain a healthy and active Twitter presence.

To help give you a better understanding of what your audience wants to see on Twitter, use the Tweet activity dashboard.


Yep, that’s right, YouTube! Start a YouTube channel. Share how your eyewear is made. Create videos of the inside of your store. Share videos of how an exam works. Share, share, share! You can also share your YouTube videos on most of the social media platforms.


LinkedIn continues to be the industry standard for professional social networking. It’s where people go to find your business, and it’s the best online spot for marketing your eyewear business. Use it to your advantage to establish your presence.

LinkedIn is an excellent place for you to share original content, much like a blog on your website. By writing long posts or blogs on LinkedIn, you add your voice to the network of people who are listening. Writing original content on LinkedIn will help get you noticed as an expert in the eyewear world. This will also help boost your professional reputation, but you have to remember that it can take a while to build up an audience of followers and brand yourself as an expert.

It is also essential that you are sharing adjacent content from others on LinkedIn. This allows you to showcase other topics that may be helpful to your customers and clients.

You can also post videos and presentations on LinkedIn. Studies say that if you do post videos, 39% of people will likely finish watching the video or presentation. Videos are a great way to promote yourself as a leader in the eyewear industry.

Most of the social media platforms are free, so why not take advantage of tooting your own horn and share with the online world that you are an eyewear industry leader?


Many people go on Google when they need eyewear. Many will search, “eyewear near me,”  “eye exam near me,” or “optometrist or optical services” when they are ready to spend some money.  Can you be found on Google?

This is a channel you need to master if you want to be found. There are three places to focus on when it comes to Google:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Google My Business
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The first is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  Here you bid on an auction system to rank ads for your target keywords.  This is the fastest way to get on page one, and the only way to be in the top spots on page one.  You have the most control over your ad copy and website landing page with PPC.

The second place is the “Google My Business,” also known as Google Maps. You set this up through the Google My Business platform. This way, Google knows where you do business, and they can list you when people do searches in your area. You can add photos, website links, and get reviews on this platform. When you get clicks from here, they are free.

The third is your organic SEO placement. This is also free clicks and appears below the places listings. By optimizing your website for keywords, gaining links, social media traffic, and having quality user metrics, this will help put you on page one of Google.


Newsletters are probably the easiest way to promote your eyewear business. The trick is to have people sign up for it! Whenever you ask for contact details, be sure to ask for their email on the paperwork they fill out when they first come. Let them know this is to let them that their new glasses are ready for pick up. 

And then you want to ask them if they would like to sign up for your monthly newsletter. You’ll want to make sure that you let your customers know that you will be sharing the new offers, new frames, and there are always discounts involved in your newsletters. Your eyewear company will build up a list of emails in no time!

We have shared with you the top three marketing tips to start 2020 off on the right foot. The good news is the marketing tips we have shared with you are either free or inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a lot to get your eyewear business out there. You just need to be put your eyewear business out there!

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Happy Holidays From Dolabany Eyewear

Happy Holidays from Dolabany Eyewear!

To celebrate this holiday season, we would like to share with your our festive popular frames.

Dolabany Zabel:

These frames are absolutely eye-catching. The petite Zabel frame offers a stunning, cherry red, cat-eye shape. These solid red acetate frames also have a speckled-pink pattern.


If red is not your color, you have to check out the green frames! The green and black Zabel frames will look great on any face shape, especially those with more prominent angles. With the slight cat-eye form, these Green Zabel frames will help “soften” the edges of the chin.


Dolabany Bailey

The Bailey is a “throw-back” retro and thick translucent frame that will go with any holiday outfit! These frames bring a bold look to any face. You can get these retro frames in a see-through green or blue. These frames are great for square or more angular faces.


Dolabany Arnold

The Arnold frame offers a dark, thick-framed glasses are evocative and reminiscent of a different time and place.  Dolabany Eyewear uses high-quality acetate to shape and mold this midcentury reproduction. And by adding metal embellishments to the temples, we add another level of detail to this refined look.


Dolabany Activist

If the Arnold frame is too thick, then you need to check out the Activist! Looking for a retro, classic style that cultural leaders wore, then you need to check out the Activist in Wine color. The combination of acetate and metal establishes a fashionable and distinguished look.


Dolabany Juliana

The Dolabany Juliana flaunts a subtle butterfly shape with a mesmerizing, feline pattern. Hints of sparkle have been added to the corners of this wine-colored frame to produce a light shimmering effect. These frames are absolutely gorgeous!


Dolabany Vartan 

Crystal eyeglasses have a certain air of elegance and unassuming beauty. The Dolabany Vartan in green and blue are sure to bring a subtle hint of style to anyone that wears these beautiful round frames!


Dolabany Fabia

The Dolabany Fabia features a subtle cat-eye look that is sexy, yet serious. These frames contour the image of a decisive woman who knows what she wants. The Dolabany Fabia has a modified oval shape produced with premium acetate. The Fabia pairs a jewel-toned translucent frame-front in red and green to celebrate this holiday season.


Dolabany Sardi

Celebrate this holiday season with the many seasonal colors we offer in the Sardi frames! These frames are great for the active person: they are made of durable, flexible TR-90 material. These frames are great for those that have a small profile face. The Sardi is made with high-quality acetate and rivets to help them keep their shape. The Sardi frames are lightweight and are very comfortable to wear day in and day out. 

Dolabany Pueblo:

Dolabany Pueblo is a vintage-inspired look recreated by Dolabany, produced with premium Zyl, real-rivets, multi-barrel hinges, and a keyhole bridge. Round, retro-styled frames evoke images of our icons from the 1950s and ’60s.  The Dolabany collection carries several interpretations of this beloved shape. The Dolabany Pueblo has three sizes available, and you can match these round-shaped frames with a square-shaped or heart-shaped profile.

We hope that you take a few minutes and check out our website and all the frames we have to offer! Our focus is on the retro style frames, and we have many colors to choose from. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email.

For more information on an eyewear company that is genuinely independent, visit dolabanyeyewear.com. If you are a consumer looking for quality eyewear, check out our website for a store near you.

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How to Help Your Customer Pick the Right Frames | 3 Steps on How to Fit Eyewear According to Face Shape

Your customer is looking for the perfect pair of glasses for their face shape. Whether they have a round, square, heart, triangle, or oval-shaped face type, Dolabany has just the right frames for your customer! 

Here’s a guide to help your customers find the perfect frame according to their face shape.

Step 1: Help them define their style

Instead of considering just their face shape, here are some questions you could ask your customer instead:

A. Do you think they have sharp, angular features, or soft, rounded features?

Help your customers choose a frame that is the opposite of their facial features. For example, a square or angular faces look great in round frames, whereas round faces and softer features benefit from the contrast of square frames.

B: Is the top half of their face wider, or the bottom half?

As with soft vs. angular features, contrast is also vital when evaluating the top and bottom half of their faces. If the top half of their face is wider than the bottom, do the opposite with the frame.

C: What is the look they’re trying to create?

This guide is to help you help your customers who want to create a subtle, understated look that accentuates their face but doesn’t distract. If your customers decide to go bolder, then these rules are meant to be broken!

Step 2: Dial in the size

Now you know the general shape of glasses that will work for your customer, it’s time to help them get the proportions just right.

A: Face and frame proportions should match.

The key to finding the perfect frame is where your customer’s features are set on their face, along with the shape of their face. A longer face should have a taller frame, as opposed to the wider face, which should have a wider frame.

B: Consider the prescription

Help get the best vision possible for your customers. It is essential to keep in mind that some shapes and materials will be better than others. Not to mention the prescription type, how strong it is, and whether it’s negative or positive.

What type of prescription do they have?

  • Single Vision / Standard
    • With a standard prescription, your customers have the most free-range in choice of styles.
  • Bifocal
    • Bifocal lenses have two different prescriptions in the same lens, so you will need to ensure that each prescription has enough room within the lens for your customer.
  • Progressive
    • With progressives, there are three different areas of vision: distance, intermediate, and near. As with bifocal lenses, you must ensure the frame is tall enough to allow for all three focal points.

It is essential to make sure progressive glasses are tall enough to enable the full range of the prescription.

Step 3: Don’t Let Your Customer Settle

Shopping for the right frames can be hard work and frustrating for your customers. They mustn’t settle or compromise on a pair of frames. 

Many customers that need glasses need to wear them every day so that they can see clearly. If they settle on a pair of frames, they may end up regretting it a few months down the road, so helping your customers decide on the right frames will keep them coming back year after year when they need new frames.

Dolabany Frames For Every Face Type

Whether your customer has a round, square, heart, triangle, or oval-shaped face type, Dolabany is sure to have the right frames for your customer.

Round Face Shape

To make a round face appear a little thinner and longer, your customer should try an angular eyeglass frame; this will help to lengthen their face. Have them look at the:

Dolabany Abigail, Dolabany Beaumont, or the Dolabany Robbie.

Dolabany Robbie

Dolabany Abigail

Dolabany Beaumont





Rectangular frames break up the face structure, which will make their face appear longer and thinner. Angular and geometric frames add sharper, more distinct lines to create a balance.

Help your customers with a round face shape to draw attention to their eyes.

Square Face Shape

Square faces have bold, angular features and cut a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Your customers that have a square-shaped face should take a look at round or oval-shaped frames to soften the sharp angles of their square-shaped face. Rounded and thinner frames that are slightly wider on the side will have a harmonious and natural look on square faces.

Your female customers might want to check out the Dolabany Samantha, Dolabany Young, or even the Dolabany Akira.



Dolabany Akira

Dolabany Young

Dolabany Samantha




Your male customer with a square face shape should look at the Dolabany Zion, Dolabany Activist, or the Dolabany Dublin.


Dolabany Zion

Dolabany Activist

Dolabany Dublin




Your customers can help draw attention away from the angles of their square face shape with colored frames. All of the frames we have listed above have many color choices to choose from!

Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the brow, narrowing down through to the chin with high set cheekbones. This face shape gives the owner a sweet and cheerful look; therefore, they will need kind and friendly frames. 

Heart-shaped faces look great in winged-out frames that are slightly wider than your customer’s forehead, and rounded bases complement their features.

Have your customers with a heart-shaped frame look at the Dolabany Alvaro, Dolabany June, or even the Dolabany Ashanti.

Dolabany Alvaro

Dolabany June

Dolabany Ashanti




Light-colored or rimless frames are an unobtrusive look that will help minimize the look of glasses on their heart-shaped face.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangular faces are widest on the bottom, narrowest on top. So you want to find a mirror-opposite frame for your customer. Bold on top and light on the bottom. With a mix of round and angular shapes, aviator or cat-eye frames are an excellent fit for triangular faces.

Dolabany has many of the cat-eye frames, including the Dolabany Amelia, Dolabany Casandra, Dolabany Joyce, and Dolabany Riona, to name a few.

Dolabany Amelia

Dolabany Casandra

Dolabany Joyce




Dolabany also has several aviator type frames that your customer may be interested in.  The Dolabany Arizona (which is a top seller), Dolabany Dingle, Dolabany Kabelo, and the Dolabany Killarney.

Dolabany Arizona

Dolabany Dingle

Dolabany Kabelo





Dolabany Killarney





We hope this blog has helped you find your customer the right Dolabany frames for their face shape. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email.

For more information on an eyewear company that is genuinely independent, visit dolabanyeyewear.com. If you are a consumer looking for quality eyewear, check out our website for a store near you.

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Happy Thanksgiving | Celebrating Thanksgiving with New Releases from Dolabany

As the year winds down and the holiday a quickly approaching, we would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

To celebrate the 2019 holiday season, we would like to introduce to you and your customers our new releases!


Get ready to play with color this winter season with our Acetate frames. Dolabany Eyewear uses high-quality acetate to produce vibrant shades of cool blues and greens as well as fiery reds and orange.  Classically styled frames are elevated with effervescent colors, modern patterns, and translucent details. 

Dolabany Caspian

A marble effect on the Caspian frame highlights the individuality of multicolored frames with bold patterns and color combinations. The distinct marbling technique is visible in the acetate and made more notable with contrasting color schemes. The Caspian introduces this season’s line up of styles fulfilling the petite category. The model is available in colors Blue Swirl, Red Swirl, Multi Demi, Teal Demi, Beige Crystal. Size 46-18-145

Dolabany Bailey

Clear, translucent frames are still trending this year.  The Bailey rame is kicking it up a notch with a hint of cool blue to match the season’s chill. The Bailey frame offers a bold, oversized look with a thick-rimmed frame that pays homage to the retro trend.  Bailey is available in three translucent colors (Green, Blue, Crystal) along with three traditional color schemes (Brown Dusk, Ebony Syrup, Teal Demi). Size 51-18-145

Dolabany Vartan

Natural and nude colors are prevalent in the fashion industry during the Thanksgiving season, and eyewear is undoubtedly a critical extension. Eyeglasses with neutral tones have a certain air of elegance and unassuming beauty. Look for the Beige Crystal in the Vartan model and throughout Dolabany collection.  The Vartan frames are available in translucent Beige Crystal, opaque colors Blue, Green, along with our traditional colors Ebony Syrup, Brown Dusk. Size 49-20-145


Dolabany Zabel

For the ultimate, eye-catching look, the petite Zabel frame offers a stunning, cherry red, cat-eye shape. The solid red with a unique, speckled-pink pattern is sure to catch the eyes of passerby’s. The Zabel frames are also available in other fun and striking color schemes: Red, Green, Multi Demi, Ebony White, Teal Demi. Size 49-15-138

Dolabany Allen

The demand for retro-inspired, round frames continues to grow and continues to be proven by our best-seller, the Pueblo. The petite Allen model is a classic, round style only available in Dolabany Eyewear’s signature color schemes: Black Crystal, Brown Dusk, Crystal, Ebony Syrup. Size 47-21-145


With those five new acetate releases, we also want to introduce you to our newest TR-90 frame. TR-90 is an ultra-lightweight material, more so than any acetate frame, that possesses a rubber-like texture that almost makes the glasses feel like they are not even on your face. 

The TR-90 frames are eyeglasses that an individual can wear on an everyday basis for lengthy periods without getting those irritating aches at the temples and pain around any other pressure points.  The TR-90 material is also hypoallergenic for those that may receive a skin reaction from acetate or metal frames.

 TR-90 is remarkably durable, and its flexibility allows for the frames to withstand most “accidents” for those that inhibit an active lifestyle. TR-90 frames are also great for those that are prone to misfortune when it comes to fragile eyeglasses. 

These frames are hard to break or distort, which is an advantage to most opticians as they do not need adjustments. Their resilience also allows for their resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, an optician can decide for either hot or cold lens inserts. 

Let us introduce you to the newest TR-90 eyeglass frame:

Dolabany Abilene

This new and unique adult-sized Dolabany Abilene frame is being released this season to diversify the selection of frames made in the popular TR-90 material. The Abilene has been added to the line of TR-90 styles to incorporate a more profound, square frame shape.  The oversized profile portrays the coveted “hipster” look using lightweight material. Abilene is available in colors: Navy, Brown Beige, Crystal, Matte Black. Size 51-19-138


If you’re a doctor looking for a supportive, quality line to partner your independent eyewear business with, please reach out to us via email. For more information on an eyewear company that is genuinely independent, visit dolabanyeyewear.com. If you are a consumer looking for quality eyewear, check out our website for a store near you.

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From our family here at Dolabany, we want to wish you and yours a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!



5 Benefits of Buying From an Independent Eyewear Company

Don’t pay for the name! When buying eyewear from a “box” store, you are purchasing mass-produced eyewear, and you are paying for the logo and licensing, not the quality of the frames. When you buy frames from an independent eyewear company, rest assured, you are getting quality frames! Along with supporting smaller, sometimes family-owned businesses.

Independent eyewear developed by independent companies is not mass-produced, so you know that you are getting quality eyewear.

Here are the top five reasons you should buy from an independent eyewear company.

Help Independent Eyewear Companies Grow Their Business

Purchasing your frames from an independent eyewear company helps them grow their business. Many of them don’t sell their eyewear online because they believe that customer service is vital when someone is looking to purchase eyewear.

Just because independent eyewear companies don’t sell “name brand” frames doesn’t mean they are not quality frames. Dolanbany takes great pride in providing quality frames with real rivets and high-quality materials.

Independent eyewear companies need to educate their staff and make sure that your patients appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to quality. As a doctor or optician, you’ll also need to educate your patients on why you sell or don’t sell the frames you do.

Customer Service is King!

It’s so difficult to find excellent customer service when patients go to a box store. As independent practices, we usually can’t compete on cost, so we must excel in service. We need things resolved quickly and efficiently, and independent frame companies make this happen. Independent frame companies are like independent doctors, their reputation is essential, and service always reigns supreme.

Like private practice, most independent eyewear companies are small. Their reputation and acceptance by independent practices are vital to their success. You need to be sure that your customer service stands out against the crowd!

Sell Your Brand!

It’s much easier to sell your brand when the products you sell share the same mission statement as your practice. Branding includes your target audience, their desires, and how your service is different than your competitors. Independent frame lines can help you to build this individuality.

As a small business owner, your practice should have a brand. You’ve developed a logo, mission statement, and a goal for each patient you encounter. You want the products in your optical to align with all of that. Are you big on customer service? Your vendors should be prominent in customer service. Do you want the best vision possible for your patients? Your frames should be the best in the market. Most importantly, you are the owner of an independent practice, and you have earned that with hard work and dedication.

High-Quality Eyewear Materials

Frame materials used by independents are superior to those that have been mass-produced, the frames that you would find in a box store or online. Our retro models are made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges.

Certain materials affect how a frame fits, and it’s durability. Finding eyewear with the qualities that are important to your customer is as simple as choosing the right frame material. Each type of frame has its unique strengths.

The quality of independent frame lines is superior to big manufacturers. As with any other item, mass production usually decreases quality.

Independent Frames are Unique

Mass-produced frames are similar, and have the same shape and same color, that if they didn’t have the different logo’s on the frames, you wouldn’t be able to tell who the manufacturer is. Customers that go into box stores find similar or copy shaped frames. The only difference would be the brand name varying due to licensing agreements.

The best thing about Independent lines is they have character, charm, and stories. They are not familiar to all people, but decide who they are, and carry that distinction well. The best quality eyewear is so distinctive; one can look at a piece and know instantly which line they are from.

Independent eyewear companies continually innovate and reinvent themselves. They push the envelope and deliver unique eyewear shapes and combine different mediums.

Buy Independent Frames



If you’re a doctor looking for a supportive, quality line to partner your independent eyewear business with, please reach out to us via email. For more information on an eyewear company that is genuinely independent, visit dolabanyeyewear.com. If you are a consumer looking for quality eyewear, check out our website for a store near you.

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Fall Color Trending Frames | Dolabany Tortoise Frames | Horn-Rimmed Eyewear

The tortoise colored frames, also know as horn-rimmed glasses have been a best seller in eyewear for a while now, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

Did you know that tortoise color frames first made their way frames in the early twentieth century? The original tortoise color frames were made from real tortoise shell or animal horn. In 1973, thanks to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the use of this material was banned worldwide.

Why Tortoise Colored Frames?

While tortoise style glasses may have waned in and out of popularity over the past century, these vibrant, multi-color frames have finally proven themselves as fool-proof standards in more recent decades. 

Your customers should really consider the tortoise pattern glasses and get out of their comfort zone. The tortoise color frames are actually the best way to build a touch of complexity to their everyday look. Most designs incorporate two or three neutral tones that compliment all eye colors and skin tones while managing to go seamlessly with their day-to-day attire. 

Whether your customers are conservative or are quick to try something new, some of our favorite tortoise color eyewear will complement any taste.

The eyeglasses frames are beautiful nuances of honey yellow and wood brown, a style that complements your facial features.

Tortoise colored glasses can be worn in any setting and with any outfit. They are a versatile eyeglasses style, which aims to boost your customer’s look and give them confidence.

Dolabany’s Tortoise Frames

The Dolabany Assus has become one of the most popular acetate frames in the Dolabany collection, fulfilling a demand for styles in the petite size category.  Dolabany Assus in Dark Tortoise is an excellent example of how a simple frame can be attractive.


For a more graphic, bolder tortoiseshell pattern, have a look at our Dolabany Arnold in Tokyo Tortoise. This frame is a reinterpreted version of a classic, midcentury style and is made to stand out.

Tortoise is a Best Seller Among Women

The tortoise eyewear frames have been a best seller in women’s eyewear for a while now, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down (Dolabany Baxter shown above).  Tortoise eyeglass frames are colored in beautiful nuances of honey, yellow, and wood brown, among others, and offer a style that will complement all facial features.


Check out the Dolabany Sardi. They look good on almost every face shape:  round, square, oval, or heart and they are available in three sizes.

As far as eyeglasses frames for women go, there is nothing more attractive than a pair of cat-eye shaped glasses. One of our bestsellers is the the Dolabany Carina in Tiger Olive.

Blast From the Past

Check out retro-inspired, round frames:  Dolabany Passage frames in shades of Dark Tortoise and a lighter Tokyo Tortoise!

The Dolabany Pueblo is a traditional, P3 shape that continues to return each season due to its popularity in both men and women’s categories.  The Pueblo is a vintage-inspired look, produced with premium zyl, and is available in a variety of tortoiseshell patterns.


Tortoise eyewear will never go out of the style.  They are classic and modern at the same time.  With excellent color choices, you only have to consider the shape of your frames. Have your customers try frames that are opposite to that of their face shape.

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COMING SOON:Dolabany Announces a New Line, Firenze Occhiali – Made in Italy

Dolabany Eyewear is known for its recreations of mid-century eyewear styles that celebrate the craft and creativity of vintage designs. This fall, the independent frame company launches a new brand, Firenze Occhiali (Florence Eyewear), celebrating old world eyewear production along with fine Italian artistry.

Staying true to the Dolabany’s philosophy of partnering with family-owned enterprises, Firenze Occhiali is handmade by a multi-generational and family-owned manufacturer that is operated by an Italian manufacturer. The new collection is made 100% in Italy, using local materials such as premium acetate.

Eyeglasses by Firenze Occhiali are made the old-fashioned way, utilizing multi-barrel hinges and hand-pressed rivets. Consequently, Dolabany Eyewear invites the consumer to experience the inspiration, quality, and quality of what it means to be “Made-in-Italy.”

The Firenze Experience

The new concept for Firenze Occhiali was developed by Dolabany Eyewear’s founder, CEO, and designer, Mark Dolabany. Mark, whose love for Italian travel, culture, art, and architecture has finally converged with his passion for eyewear design and production. 

And, it is no wonder why the birthplace of the European Renaissance and the center of trade during medieval times would serve as a backdrop to the “Italian-born” eyewear brand. Florence and the surrounding Tuscan region inspire the Firenze Occhiali brand name with frame model names derived from iconic monuments, buildings, and geographic markers of the area. 

Here are the collection’s introductory models:


When walking the city of Florence, you will see that it is beautifully lined with cobble-stoned streets and sidewalks. Winding down to the heart of the city, the ACCADEMIA gallery is a popular destination housing the renowned statue of David by Michael Angelo. The ACCADEMIA is similar to the famous Dolabany Pueblo.  The P3 shape has been fabricated since the 1920s and visible in most classic films and is fashionable today. 

Colors: Classic Havana, Crystal, Dark Tortoise, Honey Demi, Sunrise Demi, Tokyo Tortoise

Size: 47-21-145



The DUOMO Making up the iconic skyline of the Italian city is the world’s first dome, or DUOMO, a gothic cathedral. Notice the retro stylings of a keyhole bridge and real rivets which is similar to the Dolabany Peace. 

Colors: Classic Havana, Crystal, Dark Tortoise, Honey Demi, Sunrise Demi, Tokyo Tortoise

Size: 50-18-145



The ARNO River glides through Florence’s idyllic neighborhoods. At its most narrow point, the river passes under the Ponte Vecchio, a romantic bridge lined with gold and silver shops. Similar to the Dolabany Arnold, the ARNO is a prime example of the retro look for both men and women. 

Colors: Crystal, Dark Tortoise, Honey Demi, Sunrise Demi, Tokyo Tortoise 

Size: 48-21-145


The Tuscan countryside is mosaiced with hilltop villages with hundreds of years of farming tradition, revolving around family, food and hard work. Every hill has its own unique soil which adds to the uniqueness and verity of wines and olive oils. At the heart of Tuscany, you will find the enchanting village of MONTISI. Similar to the Dolabany Sparta, the MONTISI has a unique look and is sure to make your customers smile.

Colors: Crystal, Dark Tortoise, Honey Demi, Sunrise Demi, Tokyo Tortoise 

Size: 48-21-145


The medieval city of SIENA is located in central Tuscany and boasts beautiful, gothic architecture. The SIENA is comparable to the Dolabany Karubi. These frames are plastic, which makes them lightweight, and have metal accents. The SIENA frame is great for round face shapes. SIENA frames are a little bit thicker than the Karubi and come in beautiful colors.

Colors: Dark Tortoise, Navy, Sunrise Demi, Tokyo Tortoise 

Size: 49-21-145


Located in the southern part of the region, PIENZA is surrounded by beautiful landscapes with rolling hills, cypress trees, and winding country roads. Resembling the Dolabany Passage, these beautiful small round frames are sure to catch a lot of attention. These classic, mid-century fashion frames are sure to “bring you back.”

Colors: Beige, Crystal, Dark Tortoise, Navy, Tokyo Tortoise 

Size: 44-22-145


To view the new Firenzi Occhiali collection, visit www.dolabanyeyewear.com.

Dolabany Eyewear was founded over twenty-five years ago by Massachusetts-licensed optician Mark Dolabany. Dolabany Eyewear is an independent optical wholesale company that designs house brands Dolabany, Plume Paris and, now, Firenze Occhiali collections. 


With flashback styling, these brands are a perfect balance of quality and design. Dolabany Eyewear’s three brands are exclusively available through independent eyecare providers and will not be sold through internet retailers or big-box chain stores. For more information, contact Dolabany Eyewear by calling (800) 688-7661, emailing info@dolabanyeyewear.com or by visiting www.dolabanyeyewear.com

What Is The Acetate Material Used to Make Eyeglasses? | Acetate vs. Molded Plastic Frames | Acetate Eyeglass Frames Are Durable and Long-Lasting

What is the acetate material used to make eyeglasses? Cellulose acetate is a hypoallergenic, plant-based plastic, that first appeared in the late 1940s because of its durability. Today’s acetate frames are known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible.

Cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic made from natural cotton and wood fibers. While petroleum products can be more expensive and harmful to the environment, cellulose acetate is from renewable materials.

Acetate eyewear is made by forming layers of plastic into large blocks then carefully slicing individual parts, hand polishing, and assembling them into a frame.

The possibilities are endless for acetate eyeglasses. Cellulose acetate has the broadest range for transparency, vibrant colors, and finishes. An array of intricate colorations can be produced by layering several colors or transparencies in layers and melting them together.

Cellulose Acetate Frames vs. Injection Molded Plastic Frames

Cellulose acetate is hypoallergenic and made from renewable resources. Acetate frames are lightweight and very strong.  These frames are made from cutting, forming, and polishing sheets of plastic.

Injection mold frames are made by injecting a more brittle petroleum-based plastic that is liquified, then inserted into an aluminum or stainless steel mold. Colors are added through a spray application then coated and tumbled for shine.

Injection mold frames are generally less expensive; however, they are considered to be lower quality.

Acetate is stronger, flexible, and more durable than regular plastic frames, which is why we use them for eyeglasses frames. They are more resistant to pressure placed upon the frames and can bend further before breaking. Acetate is a higher quality plastic than injected molded frames.


Besides the fact that acetate frames are lightweight, they are also very durable. Acetate frames are made by forming, cutting, and polishing multiple sheets of plastic; which gives these frames their strength. Since the acetate process takes longer with the many layers coming together rather than a straightforward molding, the acetate frames are very durable.

Strength and durability are essential aspects of eyeglasses frames, especially since glasses are the lifeline for 64% of the American adult population.  Without them, some people wouldn’t be able to function, let alone read one sentence in this paragraph. Eyeglass frames are vulnerable items because an impact slightly too hard on any point on the glasses might render them obsolete. For instance, if the bridge breaks, then you have two halves which won’t stay on by themselves. If the frames surrounding the lenses break, you won’t be able to see out of one eye. In this sense, durability is essential, and acetate provides it.

Long Lasting and Affordable

Since acetate is a form of plastic, it doesn’t cost a lot to make acetate eyeglass frames. Acetate eyeglasses frames are a worthwhile investment. They provide the essentials of vision correction, but they are comfortable to wear if you need your glasses on while you are awake.

Since acetate frames are melted and molded into different eyeglass frames, the design and color of the frames won’t chip away, even after a couple of years of daily wear.

Dolabany Acetate Eyewear

Here at Dolabany, we have several frames made out of Cellulose Acetate.  We are going to share a few of our top sellers.

Dolabany Peace

The Dolabany Peace frames are modified round model eyewear produced with high-quality acetate. Note the retro stylings of a keyhole bridge and real, original rivets. The Peace frame is available in the collection’s most admired color tones: Multi Demi, Teal Demi, Amber Demi, and Brown Dusk.

Dolabany Abigail

The Dolabany Abigail frames are embedded with a hint of glitter within the acetate material that is sure to stay in place and will not fade. These two-toned frames have a subtle flare shape that adds a dramatic note to an already eye-catching style.  You can find the Abigail in a Demi Blue pattern.


Acetate glasses last longer and are stable, thanks to the plastic frame that huddles the lens inside. When choosing your new eyeglass frames, you want to be sure to select a pair of eyeglasses that is comfortable to wear, affordable, and flatters your face shape.

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After a fifteen-year hiatus from working in the New England area as a result of moving the company to Miami, I have returned to visit old customers and create new ones. After all, this is where I founded Best Image Optical 25 years ago. As I headed north on a beautiful afternoon in early June on state route 93, I noticed that the number of license plates marked with the motto “Live free or die” was quickly increasing – a clear indication that I was driving farther into the great state of New Hampshire.

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The Sardi is Now Bigger and Better

sardi banner

After receiving your suggestions and feedback, we are excited to announce that the SARDI is Now Available in a bigger size & even more vibrant colors.

The style is now available in eye sizes 51 and 53.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular Dolabany frame model: the Sardi has emerged as the highest grossing style in company history.

Why is the SARDI the most popular frame by Dolabany Eyewear?

We have been fortunate to find a style that is easy to fit & looks great on many different face shapes.

The Sardi is ultra-lightweight, flexible, extremely durable, and resistant to high & low temperatures due to its TR-90 material.

It has also been a comfortable alternative to acetate frames and alleviates pressure points added by nose pads.
Call us today at 800.688.7661 or Click Here to add the Sardi’s newest color’s and size to your optical board. Ask about the new Sardi banner to include with your purchase!





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